Achieve your target color every time" Topchic is the permanent alkaline hair color for superb color results. Infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein and panthenol to add strength and shine to hair. Impeccable quality.
Color: 8A Light Ash Blonde
Manufacturer: Goldwell Topchic


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by Somavirex >> See more reviews

Best Color, Will Never Use Anything Else

I used to be a die-hard Aveda fan - I loved the colors, but unfortunately they fade extremely quickly on my hair. My stylist switched to using Goldwell colors, and I will never turn back. My hair has a tendency to go brassy, so for browns we use 4,5, or 6 NN (depending on what time of year it is) When I want a beautiful, bright, intense true red, we use the MaxReds collection 6RR and highlight with either 7RR or 6RR mixed with RR-mix. All of these colors are amazing at coloring gray hair too. If you look on Goldwell's site, they have excellent descriptions of their colors and swatches. The mixing ratio, according to Goldwell, is 1:1. I use 10% developer but if you have a decent amount of gray, you're going to need a 20% developer. EDIT: I noticed a few comments mentioning that they dyed their hair using JUST RR-mix. No. DO NOT DO THAT. Let me clarify: RR-mix is a mix-in, NOT a true dye. It just makes the color more intense for the short-term. It will wash out pretty quickly, so it's mostly for a week-long pop of color on top of already vibrant color.

by Mrs. Hopefully >> See more reviews

Never Waster $$ at A salon. Use Goldwell!

i'm never spending money at a salon again. I was spending $75 a month to keep up my platinumish blonde hair. It makes me sick thinking about it now, because it is so easy to do your own hair. I started out with the drugstore brands. They fade, and made my hair brassy and dry. Then I did switched to goldwell and it made my hair much thicker, healthier and shiny. I use it once a month and get a lot of compliments. For people who are buying this for the first time - you have to buy and mix this with developer in order for it to work. 40 volume developer is the strongest (use this if you have dark hair and want to go light blonde) next is 30 volume developer (what I use), then 20 volume developer. Here is my formula (I have naturally dirty blonde-light brown hair): I mix 50ml (50ml=little over 3tbs) of 30 vol developer and 25ml of Goodwell hair color and let it sit for about 35 minutes. I felt this shade was a little brassy for me so I bought 12BN and it was perfect

by Rachele R >> See more reviews

great product.

My hair dresser got upset that i was dying my own hair (it needs to be done every month). I was using stuff from the supermarket. She said its really bad for your hair. I asked her if it would be ok to use Goldwell at home. That's the brand they use!!! I now mix my own hair color at home saving me soooo much money. Its even cheaper than the box stuff bc one tube is good for 3 applications. I will never go back to the box.

Love Goldwell

I use to work as a hairstylist so I have tried and continue to try everything. Nothing beats Goldwell haircolor. The line offers great shades, it conditions the hair and cover grey well. In addition, the color tends to keep its vibrancy and smells great while your working with it. The reason why most salons don't carry it is because it is expensive and they think that the average consumer won't know the difference between other cheaper coloring systems (eg. Wella, Logics, Matrix...) and Goldwell but once you try it you will definitely know the difference and won't use anything else. Of all the lines it has one of the most neutral color balanced bases out there and if you know how to create color you can create any shade with a well balanced neutral base. Its rich and conditioning to the hair once its on and washes off clean. To keep the hair in tip top shape a stylist is encouraged to do color balancing which uses Colorance developer and Colorance corresponding hair color. Color balancing keeps the shade and the vibrancy in your hair like the first day that you colored it. If you have not tried Goldwell I encourage you to find a salon that carries it. Its more expensive but definitely worth it. Then go on Amazon to buy your shade and do your salon color at home. Use a colorist only for the hard stuff like going blonde, correcting color or changing shades when its over two levels. Good luck

by Kelsey Wilson >> See more reviews

Pretty, not blonde. Prob my fault.

Pretty brown..not as light as I expected but I know nothing about mixing. My hair is naturally dark brown. I had been using the 7N which made it a dark copper brown. I covered it with this 7a with 1:1 9% and set no heat 30 min.

Goldwell products are far superior to the typical store brands

Goldwell products are far superior to the typical store brands. I found out about them from a beauty shop which specializes in top color. It isn't that difficult to do at home, and it saved me $80!

True to color and covers well

Bought this shade after I had the same color done in hair salon. Go by the instruction from Goldwell website, I mixed this color with topchic 6%20 vol developer lotion, it covers my gray just like salon does.! It is worth the money!



Will not use any other hair color

I have been using Goldwell Hair Color for over 10 years now and will not use anything else! I am half asian, so my hair is very very dark (level 2) and I color my hair blond using nothing but Goldwell Topchic and lightening products. If you are a stylist then you know that asian hair is one of the most difficult to lighten b/c it automatically pulls red when lightened. I have tried EVERY product out there and nothing comes close to the lightening by color power of the top end topchic colors. I've read another post on here that claimed the the product 'didn't work and didn't changer her hair color at all' and all I can say is that IF you are not trained on how to use professional hair coloring products, stick with the products you can purchase at locations like Sally's Beauty Supply b/c there is NO WAY these products (or any professional hair coloring products for that matter) will not change your hair color. Unless you forget to include the developer! LOVE LOVE LOVE GOLDWELL!

Great color, pretty easy to use!

The color was pretty easy to use, with some help for the back of my hair since it has gotten pretty long. I didn't exactly know what I was doing, I just used the info I could find online. I chose Goldwell because in my early 20's, I went from dark brunette with highlights, to BLONDE! My hair stylist was very knowledgeable, and she always used Goldwell, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I just wanted to change my shade of dark brown and get rid of some old brassy highlights and some pesky grey hairs near my roots. I mixed it 1:1 like I read online, and used a 20% developer since I read that it would be the best since I wasn't trying to lighten my hair, yet I needed to cover some grey. I mixed it was well as I could (I know I didn't have it EXACT, but close) and separated my hair into about 6 sections and started in the middle of the hair shaft, and worked my way toward the roots and then the ends. All in all the project cost me about $55 start to finish - I needed two tubes of color for my hair - but I still have all the tools I need and plenty of developer for my next application. I'll post a before and after pic soon!