You can PROTECT your skin from sun damage as you MOISTURIZE by using B. Kamins Sun Defense. This fragrance-free and oil-free sunscreen is gentle and is made with a broad spectrum SPF 30 formula containing UVA/UVB sunscreens to help defend against long-term sun damage and also protects against sunburn.
Manufacturer: B. Kamins
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Great SPF coverage for sensitive combo skin

This is a great moisturizing sunscreen for rosacea prone combination sensitive skin. It also doesnt peel when I apply my organic foundation, unlike other higher SPF oil-free sunscreens. My skin is unbelievably temperamental, especially having been photosensitive due to my current medications. The B. Kamins is very gentle on my face and I usually do not have to reapply it after the morning. The price is great as well!

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Great sunscreen

This sunscreen is creamy but not oily. When it is applied liberally and often, it does the job you'd expect from a rather expensive, but worth it, sunscreen.

awesome sunscreen

This stuff is so wonderful. It feels great. It goes on great. It looks great. I think it even smells great.