Introduced in 1955. Fragrance notes: a spicy blend of herbs, patchouli and fragrant woods. Recommended use: evening.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied
Manufacturer: Camrose Trading Inc. DBA Fragrance Express
Size: 3.4 oz
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by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

I love Cerruti 1881

I love pretty much everything about Cerruti 1881. The price is extremely reasonable, the bottle is unique and really cool looking the scent is sophisticated and uniquely wonderful. Currently I'm alternating this with Azzaro Men. Azzaro is the classic fougere (which is my typically preferred style), and this is the modern fougere (or at least Cerruti says its a fougere, the notes listed are actually more similar to a Chypre). What's in it? According to Cerrutti its top notes are Blackcurrant, Cypress, and Bergamont, its heart notes are Ylang and Patchouli, and its base notes are Sandalwood, Pine, and Oakmoss. The combination, is really tough for me to put into words. Unique? Yes. Pleasant? Obviously. Fresh? Sure. Manly? Absolutely. Distinctive and sophisticated? You bet. But what can I compare the smell to? Nothing I've experienced comes to mind. I guess I could say its slightly similar to Drakkar Noir, only better. Drakkar is nice, but its a cacophony. There are so many things going on there that its impossible for me to pick out all the notes. Here I get all sorts of different combinations at different times. Even that's probably not a complete description though. This does lack Azzaro for Men's perfect combination of subtlety and projection (its easier to underspray or over spray), but on the whole I can make this last all day and keep me smelling great without slapping anyone around me in the face. So this is one of my two favorite spray on colognes and highly recommended. Like Azzaro for Men, this would be an amazing product at 3 times the price. This would be a great idea for anyone looking for a wonderful and distinctive cologne. And its even cheap enough that you can probably blind buy it. Frankly, I can't think of anyone who I don't think would appreciate this.

by Richard Desmond >> See more reviews

It's like foreplay in a bottle.

I first purchased 1881 while on holiday in Australia. It quickly became my go to scent. The ladies there loved me, and they could not get enough of the cologne. Back in California, I stood out because I was not smelling like every other guy in the club. I was doing quite well with the women, until I left the magic bottle in a Las Vegas hotel room. I searched for a few years but Cerruti was not sold anywhere I looked in the United States. Until Amazon said, "You want that? I got it." And I have a new bottle. The girlfriend can't keep her hands off me when I wear it. We can't go back into that church, but with a little 1881, she'll be saying "Oh God" in no time.

Great Gift!

My husband loves this cologne! So do I, its a very fresh woodsy scent. Not just for an older crowd, this isn't your grandpa's cologne! My husband is 28 and he loved it!!

Perfect Body Chemistry

I have been wearing this cologne for many, many years. My body chemistry and Cerruti Image are exactly right for each other. Because the cologne is so unique and because it not available in just any store, and because I'm selfish, when asked over the years what I'm wearing and where did I get it, I usually LIE and provide a different name for it. That way I can keep the smell unique to me (at least among my group of friends and loved ones). With that said, don't buy it, it's terrible and I really don't want anyone else wearing it anyhow.

by Mike Donahoe >> See more reviews

A lot of people have complimented me on this scent ...

A lot of people have complimented me on this scent. It is not overwhelming, even when applied liberally. Although they don't make it anymore, there is still plenty of supply. I've been using it for about 15 years, and it's my day-to-day scent.

by Mireille Wolfe >> See more reviews

Very satisfied

Have used this product for decades and this is one of the few places that dependably offers the 6.7oz. size at a discount.

by Albert J Giunchi >> See more reviews

My anniversary cologne.

I first bought this on our 25th anniversary in Bermuda . Love it. I then bought it in Italy. Love it more.

by Ricardo Galatzan >> See more reviews

Just as good as I remember it to be...

Cerruti 1881 was given to me almost 20 years ago by a dear aunt, for Christmas. Loved it from the beginning, then a couple of days later the bottle slipped my hands and shattered on the tile floor: what a bummer! Saw it on Amazon, and I just had to have it! Now, I keep it on my room, where there's carpeting!

Not Just for the Guys...

Hold on to your boxers men, I too have been wearing 1881 for years. Just like you, I too get numerous compliments from family, friends and strangers. As mentioned in a previous review... it's all about your body chemistry. Sometimes, I like to look "foofie" but I sure don't like to smell that way. This is just a great scent, no matter your gender.

by Laurel Smith-Gengler >> See more reviews

Great product description and price.

This product came at a great price and the description was accurate. It was not a fake ed de toilette which had been my biggest concern. It was exactly as described. An excellent product at an excellent price. Shipping was fast too.