Lavender Fields relaxing, soothing and extra rich body scrub instantly makes your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. It is packed with skin nourishing ingredients and powerful anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins. Organic raw shea butter, coconut and soybean oils infused with lavender essential oil moisturize your skin, while Dead Sea salt and pacific salt blend detoxifies massages and boosts circulation with every motion. This 100% natural body scrub is perfect for deep skin detox and renewal - especially for dry, thirsty skin. Organic spa quality, fragrant, calming and relaxing body scrub - excellent skin polish for all skin types! We use genuine, premium Dead Sea salt - no fillers, cheap substitutes or fake salts, so you can enjoy a truly detoxifying, moisturizing and polishing body scrub. This body polish is 100% vegan, natural, eco-friendly and chemical free scrub. We do not use any skin drying detergents in this body scrub formula to make sure it leaves your skin healthy, nourished and supple, not itchy and dehydrated.
Manufacturer: Thesis Beauty
Size: 11.40 oz.
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by "In the Middle" teacher >> See more reviews

Love the scrub...

Smells lovely...a gentle scrub that when rinsed off leaves a nice, comforting shea butter coating on the skin. Perhaps some people mighty find it too greasy for them, but my extra dry skin drinks up the moisture. Feels luscious. I use it a couple times a week on my arms and legs paying special attention to my elbows and heels. Love that it is organic. Looking forward to trying the lemongrass.

by shirley intoccia >> See more reviews

Love how my skin feels!

Love the way my skin feels and smells after use. After use, I feel as though I have had a professional spa treatment. The only negative, is the texture. It is very difficult to spread onto the skin.

by Megan Doss >> See more reviews

Two Stars

Smells nice but doesn't scrub well.