Mineral-rich blend of genuine Dead Sea salts and all-naturalemollients gently exfoliate and moisturize—while arnica extractand vitamin E soothe and nourish even the most sensitive skin.To Use: Stir well, then massage in a circular motioninto thoroughly wet skin. Rinse off and feel beautiful.Never Any: parabens,phenoxyethanol, SLS, PEGs,propylene glycol, petroleumproducts, artificial colors orsynthetic fragrances.
Manufacturer: Hugo Naturals
Size: 9 oz
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by Omalika S. Lipp >> See more reviews

Got rid of my acne

About a year ago, I started using this product after picking it up from a local grocery store (lavender & dead sea salt). Little did I know, this simple bottle would completely change my skin and subsequently, my life. I perform my routine every single night, right before I go to bed, with the following steps: 1. wash my face with a mild soap (Adovia Naturals Dead Sea Mud Soap) 2. Lather my face for shaving - I use a badger hair brush/Proraso Ultra Sensitive Skin Shaving Soap 3. Shave with an electric wet shaver - for this, I really like the Panasonic ES series of shavers. 4. Finish up with Hugo Naturals Lavender Dead Sea Salt Scrub. I mildly use the abraisive action of the salt on my face, which is lubricated by the lavender oil. I rinse off the salt after about 20 seconds of scrubbing on my entire face. With a clean towel, I gently pat my face in order keep the lavender oil on my face and not wipe it off with the towel. In the morning, I wake up with perfectly textured and glowing skin. I don't wash my face until night time again. This has been my routine for the past year or so, and it has worked wonders. I rarely get pimples now (maybe a stress or caffine-induced one every now and then), and my skin tone, as well as texture, is much improved. I was ready to spend thousands of dollars on some blu-u laser for my acne, but this little wonder has worked flawlessly. Remember, acne is not only external, but internal as well. In order to achieve the balance, you must take care of what goes on outside as well as inside. Yes, some people are blessed with genetics that allow them to trash both their bodies outside and in and still end up with perfect skin, but for a lot of us, that would be disastrous. For me, it was removing caffeine, large amounts of dairy products, and stress, as well as adding a healthy amount of sunlight and physical activity every day. Find your balance, and you will find your skin.

Exfoliating and moisturizing with a wonderful lavender scent

This is my new favorite bath product! I had never used a salt or sugar scrub before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I use this on my knees, elbows and any other rough areas, and it scrubs away the dead skin and leaves the area feeling very moisturized. The oils in this scrub soak right into my skin. While in the shower, I notice water will bead and roll off the areas where I've used this, but the skin doesn't feel overly oily when I finish my shower and dry off. And the scent is a TRUE lavender scent. It smells just like lavender essential oil. :)

by Lynn A. Allen >> See more reviews

Love the lavender scent

I've only used it a few times, but it seems to work just fine. The only thing, I don't care for is that it seems kind of soupy and it's difficult to keep the salt in the palm of you hand or on your fingers. It would be better if the formula was a bit drier.

Amazon's facial scrub

My daughter gave me a facial scrub, one year, and I loved it so I went on line to find another one. I use it about 4 days a week and find it leaves my face soft and, I think, more wrinkle free. It also has a nice smell. I'll continue to purchase it from you.

by Betty J. Groblebe >> See more reviews


This is great for getting dead skin off of your face and your face feels so good when it is done, just add a little moisture, I do this every night before I go to bed and I love it.

by Roberta Smith >> See more reviews

Great consistency and fragrance when I bought it the first ...

Great consistency and fragrance when I bought it the first time. Worked great on my face, feet, and hands. However, the second time I purchased it, the product was too runny and less firm and less in the container than the original container. The company took the amount off my bill without needing me to return it. Probably a fluke and I would purchase it again.

Don't waste your money!!!

I would not waste my money on this. You have to stir it up every time you use it because the oil keeps separating from the salt. It smells really bad. It burned my hands and is really rough. Worse of all, it leave this oily, yucky film on your skin that is impossible to rinse off. Very unhappy with this purchase.

Good Scrub

Used a wooden spoon to stir it completely before the first time I used it, then it kept that way for a fairly long time, so I didn't need to stir it every time.. Felt good after scrub it on my face, moisture and soft, not too oil. Just be careful to keep it from your eyes.

Relaxing Bath Addition

Really enjoy this. There's a slight oil left behind that rubs in and feels moisturizing. It smells like lavender and not like perfume unlike some other products. And it does a wonderful job of exfoliating the skin.

by Sheryl L. DeVore >> See more reviews

So disappointed. had to return it

This product arrived in a box soaked with some of the oils that had leaked out of the package. There was hardly any left. So disappointed. had to return it.