Remi full lace closure is a comfortable, breathable lace closure that provides a perfect flawless finish. And with its versatile 12" length, this piece is suitable for all hair lengths and styles. It is made of finest virgin remi human hair, which was carefully hand-tied on a soft, superior lace. It offers protective and itch-free coverage with flexible natural looking parting complete you style with the light, long lasting, exquiste velvet remi full lace closure. HOW TO APPLY LACE CLOSURE: 1. Corn row the section you want to apply 2. Trim/cut the size and shape you desire 3. Apply the lace closure by sewing the perimeter of the lace to your corn row.
Manufacturer: Suntaiyang
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The quality of the product is good. Good color match

The quality of the product is good. Good color match. Netting is a little more visible than I would have liked.

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Three Stars

This is a low density closure. You can part it anywhere, but it could be a lot fuller.