Buy Badedas Bath & Shower Gels - Badedas Classic Original Vital Bad Bath Gel 750ml/25oz. How-to-Use: Apply body wash to hands, loofah or wash cloth and lather. Cleanse body from the shoulders down and rinse.
Manufacturer: Badedas


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by Bombay Blue Eyes >> See more reviews

This is the New Formula NOT the original!

This is NOT the original Badedas...the bottle arrived with a red label that said "Neue Formel" in German meaning "New Formula." It did not smell nice to me at all. I really loved the old Badedas! I sent it back for a refund.

"New Formula" - NOT THE SAME

These came with the sticker on the bottles "new formula", not mentioned in the item description. It has a thin watery substance and a light blue color, no chestnut scent at all. As a matter of fact it does not smell like ANYTHING, just blah.... I can't believe the company changed the original much loved formula to this cheap junk. CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!!

by Brian Bakhaus >> See more reviews


This is definitely NOT the original Badedas! I ordered this from this same seller a couple months ago and it was fine, but this shipment came and it's a completely different color and smell. And it's disgusting. Then when I closely inspected the bottle it has a sticker on it that says NEW FORMULA. But it doesn't say anything about it being the "New Formula" anywhere when you're ordering it. So instead you think you are getting the original Badedas that's been around forever. Instead I got this stuff that smells awful. It's not worth boxing back up to return it, I'll just pitch it in the trash. But wanted to warn others...DON'T BE FOOLED!!!

by Lenora Leftwich >> See more reviews



by Amazon Reviewer >> See more reviews

Ripped-off and disappointed

Same bottle & same label should equal the same product. It doesn't. If I wanted bubble bath that left the water clear I'd be buying a low quality product at CVS. This was the bomb when it was green and smelled good. Now it's just crap. Not worth buying.

Love it **or rather used to.....

Tried something else from the store, was a large bottle for a good price, but I missed this stuff, so caved & ordered it. I love the scent & it bubbles much better. Worth the extra money. ***update 1/6/14*** I recently started using my new bottle & thought it was just me imagining things, but seeing the other comments I have to agree that the "new formula" the manufacturer has implemented is not as good as it used to be. It's now a dark green liquid instead of light green, & doesn't have that unique smell like before. I still enjoy the bottle I have & will use it up, it's just not the same, which is disappointing & I went from 5 stars to 3 stars. Shame on them for cheapening a wonderful product. I will rethink buying more & may as well go back to my large bottles of cheap stuff from the store.

by wheresthebalance >> See more reviews

Be aware - fake supply not the original

I have been purchasing badedas for years. The latest supply is fake and is a horrible smelling dark green which is clearly a case where they have repacked some other product into the badedas containers. The original should be a florescent green (almost yellow) with a fantastic aroma. Warning - all 6 of my bottles are fake.

by Andrew I. Munro Sr. >> See more reviews

Why fix it if it wasn't broke ??

Why change a formula that has been around for 50 years.....? I t is no longer the Badedas that we knew and loved. Everything is different, it's not a gel, the color is different and the fragrance is nowhere near as good as the original. Very disappointed.

doesn't smell nice

Scent is a personal preference and I did not like this scent at all. I thought it would be similar or better than Vitabath but it wasn't even close in my opinion. The scent didn't last at all and wasn't even that nice. When I use Vitabath the scent fills up the bathroom and lingers there and on the skin for a while.

by beverly burke >> See more reviews

Pinus silvestris

The product I received from Amazon does not include this ingredient as my first bottle, which I purchased elsewhere. After reading the comments from others and doing some online research I think there may be toe badedas. products, both labeled original.. I find badedas original and badedas bath gelee. I believe my first bottle was the gelee which was a thick divine smelling dark green. My latest purchase is fluorescent green-yellow with much less scent. I suspect we Americans dint actually know what we're importing. Quick, but not thorough.