Badedas for Women Indulgent Bath Gel 25.2 Oz / 750 Ml With Horse Chestnut Extract
Manufacturer: Badedas
Size: 750 ml


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Like Bathing in a Fairytale Forest

I've been using this since I was 16 years old (in Europe, long before it came to the States), and 30 years later I've never found a bubbling bath I enjoy more. It smells wonderful, but not like perfume. More like real evergreens, fresh and gentle. It pH balances your bathwater, cleans and moisturizes your skin, and gives you an aromatherapy experience all at the same time. You can use it night or day, because it doesn't have one of those typical aromas that's only stimulating or only relaxing. It's not overpowering, just really, really comforting.

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not the original

I was very familiar with Badedas having frequently purchased it while I lived in Los Angeles years ago. It became harder to find which is why I was delighted to find it on Amazon. I purchased this product from this vendor. It is not the original or anywhere near the same thing. This was composed and bottled in the UK not in Germany or even the Netherlands. It does not have the aroma or quality of the classic concoction. I am disapointed. No I am highly annoyed because it was represented as the classic. But Sara Lee purchased Badedas a few years ago and obviously they have cheapened the product. Does anyone know if the original is available anywhere?

Bad copy

Nothing to do with the "Badedas Classic" gel. The "Original" Badedas is a bad copy of the "Classic" Badedas. Disappointing

The best you will find

If you are looking for the ACTUAL ORIGINAL, this is the one. I almost made the mistake of ordering the "classic" from Germany (I think) and all the reviews said it was different/not as fragrant. This one came from England (I think), and cost a little more, but it is exactly the wonderful, very strong horse chestnut fragranced product. This has a bold, clean, masculine smell--I buy it as shower gel for my husband--but it is fine for anyone who is looking for a fresh, outdoorsy scent that lingers long after use.

Original? Still quite nice, still a favorite - but pricing is off

My recollection of the original Badedas (which had the same box and a bottle that resembled this) is that the scent was s/w different, and very unique - I loved it! It was hard to find, so it's been years since I have used it. That being said, and allowing for faulty memory, this seems s/w different - still an intriguing scent, and highly concentrated, which makes it less expensive, so it's not quite the 5* it was, but it's close. The Badedas classic Bad (bubble bath) smells like the original to me - it's less concentrated, but it has that special scent. The gelee works better as a bath gel, however. The pricing is off, however...way off! The smallest size is the most economical. The price/ounce for the smallest size is $.68/oz, not $6.85/oz; the 24.9 oz bottle is $1.77/oz, and the 750l ml bottle (25.2 oz) is .$.91/oz, not $22.99/oz. Apart from the question of why the reported price per ounce is so far off, why would the different sizes sell for such different prices, with the smallest size having the best price per ounce, and 24.9 ounce size having a price/ounce more than twice as high?

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Waste of My Money!

I was excited to read many positive reviews, particularly after the Badedas Classic has been bastardized recently beyond recognition. When I tried it, I was not impressed. It had very little in common to the Badedas of the past, the Badedas I loved so much. It is not as thick as the Badedas I remember, doe not have its longevity, and smells differently. It is also very esxpensive. Considering that one need to use at least 2 cupfuls, the small bottle is not going to last a long time. I guess, no more Badedas for me (either Original, or Classic). I am switching to other brand. Believe it or not, I found interesting alternatives. BOTTOM LINE: Skip this money waster and look for better and cheaper options. Latest Update: Ordered from Innox Trading - GB on October 21. Estimated delivery Nov 18 - Dec 2. Why the delivery from the UK to the USA is taking so long? I used to receive shipments from the UK and shipped to the UK in a fraction of this time. Another order of this product from RangePlus - Shipped from the UK took less than a week. Innox Trading - GB shipping times are not acceptable.

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Be watchful for watered down Badedas!

Good that there is still a source for the ORIGINAL Badedas, not the watered down version. Have been using this product for many years, as did my Mother. It is deceiving that they both have the same appearance! Look closely, the original has the horse chestnut on the bottle, the watered down version has the tree!! Shame on them!!

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this is the most amazing bath gel ever and I've been using it for ...

I ordered two of these, one for a gift and one more for myself, this is the most amazing bath gel ever and I've been using it for over 30 years now. I've never gotten so good a price, EVER! And free shipping to boot, you will never find a price better than this. I gave it to my girlfriend for her birthday and she smelled it and fell in love with it, it is so earthy and fresh, you'll never find another product like this. She went home and took a bath with it and now is hooked. Everyone should give this stuff a try, you will be hooked too! Also, it took under a week to receive it also. Best buy ever and thrilled with the free and fast shipping. Thank You!!!

This is some of the best bath gel I have ever found

This is some of the best bath gel I have ever found. This sells for so much more here in the states than from overseas. Not many places carry this and when you do find it at a good price I always buy it. It last a long time and make your skin so soft . The more one uses this the better your skin will feel. Has a nice scent , kind of like a rainforest, fresh cut grass, sweet rain, and just the right amount of fragrance. More of a botanical scent.

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The best Bath Gelee ever!!!

For those that have dry skin especially during the winter months, and no matter what they use it's dry. This product is for you. I use it with a exfoliating cloth. It leaves my skin soft like a babies then I use shea butter the seal in the moisture. Nothing else can touch this product. I have tried so many others. It's very concentrated and lasts a long time.