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Booty Boost Extreme Butt Enhancement Lotion will help you gain a fuller and larger buttocks. This all natural topical lotion will help stimulate fat storage cells in your buttocks. BBE Blend is a blend of ingredients that will stimulate and increase fat storage cells. This will create more fat where you apply the lotion. Booty Boost Extreme Butt Enhancement Lotion works best with the Booty Boost Extreme Pills. You may use the lotion on its own or with the pills. We suggest using the lotion for at least 6 months to see maximum results.
Manufacturer: Booty Boost Extreme
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on 18/12/16
Worked awesome for me!! I had to take for 3 months and I gained about 2 inches.

Great it worked well for you :)

on 31/1/17

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Dont waste your money

Dont waste your money, do squats. I gave it a two because it smells good and feels like a lotion rubbing it on.

but def love the smell of it

Not sure if it worked did not use long enough, but def love the smell of it!!!