Our Curve Enhancement cream is a very powerful, high potency cream made with planet derived extracts. This easy to apply cream is lightly scented and quickly absorbs directly into your skin for results that can be seen within just 1 week of use. The patented extracts included, contain 'phytoestrogens' that can help re-activate the female body's enhancement process. You can now enjoy fuller, firmer and a more attractive backside that you've always dreamed about with just 2 easy applications per day. This product has been known as the "little secret" among many of holly-woods elite and now it's available direct to you. In addition, you can safely use this cream on other areas of the body (Such as the breasts) that might also need enhancement in a safe and natural way.
Manufacturer: CetroLabs
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Love it!!

"Love it!!! I've tried many products in the past & threw them all out. When I came across this cream, I was skeptical at first, but then thought to give it a try anyways. I was pleasantly surprised. For a long time, I was looking for a product that would enhance (tone/firm, however you want to call it) the buttocks area, to give the extra "oomph". I wasn't expecting magical overnight unbelievable results, but continuing with my exercise & the help of this cream, I'm seeing what I like and ecstatic of the results. Will definitely buy again!"

Good stuff

For me, I would have to honestly say that I like this cream way better than the pills. I tried the BNB pills too and they made me gain weight EVERYWHERE!!! It made chest bigger, arms bigger, and especially the belly...YUCK. And they made me very hungry...and that's not sexy. Even my workout routine couldn't handle the weight gain the pills did. But this cream has a very pleasent smell and I noticed a difference within about 2 weeks. You should try it for yourself. The pills didn't work for me, but this cream did.

pretty good

Great product i hav a flat butt diffenately saw improvment in the first week or two made my butt more round and it stuck out more lotion expensive butt kinda worth the money.


the only good thing about this cream is the smell, it did absolutely nothing. I am disappointed. A complete waste of money. When people leave feedback beware of the ones that are a whole paragraph, they are paid to write a great review. yOU'RE BEING DUPED!!!!!!


I had to come and give a feedback on this product. When I first order it, I was skeptical thinking that "Yea right, a bigger booty by rubbing cream on your buttock. Oh well, I'll give it a try. Being that I already have a nice rear-end and wanted to enhance it a little, I have been using the cream as directed faithfully for the last two weeks. I MUST SAY!!!! I AM IMPRESSED!!!! My butt has thicken up a lot in the past two weeks. For you WOMEN out there that want a nice rear-end or want to enhance what you already got...THIS IS THE PRODUCT. I am the one that will give a BAD REVIEW if the product didnt work but this IS A MUST. Even my finance' have notice the difference and swear he is the one that is doing it. SIKE!!! but I let him think that. My SECRECT is SAFE and SOUND. If you looking for that UMPH or more JUNK IN THE TRUNK.... THIS IS IT!!!!!


I just recently started using the BNB products and love them so far!!! I can feel my booty tingling after I use the cream and it smells soooooo amazing!!! I wish I could find an everyday body lotion that smells like that! And it makes your skin soft! :)

One Star

This thing is wasting of money..i use it for a month now and no change..its not working at all


I was very skeptical when I ordered this because i had bought something just like this and it didn't work. But this stuff is amazing to use it takes a while but you'll start to notice how great your back side looks and the confidence you'll have when you wear jeans or even shorts. So glad i bought this product.

Three Stars

Have not see any changes yet!

by Tyhira Merriweather >> See more reviews

Too soon to tell

Just started using the product about two weeks ago, haven't seen a difference yet but I hope to see some results in about a month.