Increase your butt the fast, natural way! This bottle contains a two month supply of Booty Magic Butt Enhancement Cream. Notice results between 1-2 months, with maximum, permanent results after 6 months of use. Say no to risky surgeries, or butt pads that don't fit. Say yes to Booty Magic and click the "Add to Cart" button today. All orders are backed by a 60-Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee!
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Get your sexy back! :)

Hey guys! Okay this product is the real deal ! I've been using this product for 2 weeks and can't tell you how much I love it!! First off the product smells amazing ! And these past 2 weeks I can see a complete difference ! My booty is so bouncy when I walk like it's crazy !! Lol I've always had tight and firm skin not anymore baby! my booty is looking amazing and trust I have plenty of people telling me if u know what I mean lol! I'm so excited to continue for the next 2 months but I'm going to order at least 2 more bottles so I can use it for 6-8 months :) trust me ladies your man will thank you!!

by Luna Morrey >> See more reviews

Blessing in a bottle

I'm African American/ Caucasian and I have no booty. I have tried everything. I got the bottle quick and it's a nice big size bottle also. I use it twice a day, once after the shower and once before I sleep. It smells goooood ! It's very smooth on the skin and it absorbs fast. Don't expect results over night but it does help with the fullness and plumpness of the booty. I also do squats just to help lift my behind. But this is a definite buy. I can't wait to buy another bottle. I bought one just to see if it work. I'm very satisfied and can't wait to see the end results. :)

by Megan L. Diaz >> See more reviews

This is a lifesaver!

Let me start off by saying this stuff REALLY WORKS! I'm never the type to believe a product such a butt cream would really work but after so many positive reviews I just had to try and guess what? It was well worth it! It came very fast and shipped off on the same day! My family started noticing within a couple weeks! And not only does it tighten, firm, and lift my butt but it fills out all those terrible dents. For best results I recommend squats, plunges and walking! Will be ordering as soon as I'm finished with this bottle!!! This is the best!

by Donna Ensten >> See more reviews

Love It!!

I was hooked after the first month. For sure my booty is rounder and fuller. I exercise a lot so my butt was already toned and muscular so I needed to add the jiggle. The cream helped to round it out and added plump-ness and more cushion back there lol I love it!!

by Andres Will >> See more reviews

Great product

I received this product about two weeks ago and I do see some great plumpness. The arrival came quick. I will be ordering this product again. My husband noticed the Shapley bottom as well as a couple of coworkers. But remember to apply to buttocks in the am and pm for speedy results and massage lotion very well. Thanks to this great product for giving me that extra plumpness.

by Paula Grienzmen >> See more reviews

Too legit to quit

I will continue to use this product. Definitely worth the cost. Now don't expect to see instant results but my but has definitely gotten bigger. I use the pills as well. Now my butt is big and soft!

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

She has a really nice body but she still wasnt happy with her bum

I got this product for my wife. She has a really nice body but she still wasnt happy with her bum, she wanted it to be more round and fuller but she doesnt have the time to workout! After doing some research we found out about natural products, she thought it would be a waste of money! So i bought a bottle for her as a gift, so far she has been taking them for about a month and let me tell you i could see a differance! Im really surprised and happy

smells great fast shipping..

I gave this product a 3 star because I have not been using this long enough to give any definite answers to whether it actually works for not. However the shipment was extremely fast and the lotions actually smells really Great. I have only been using for a week now, so I'm not sure how long it will take to see results... Bottle says 6 months... I'm hoping not that long. I am small thinned athletic framed and have been working out to get that extra look to my body and got this lotion to help give that extra ommf to my bottom. So for right now I give a 3 stars, after a while of actually using, if I see any difference in this product actually WORKING I will update my review. Vest of luck to everyone.

by Bonny Peterson >> See more reviews

Ready for the holidays

My cousin tried it first and I couldn't believe her results so I had to try it. This product is #1. It's only been a week but I totally see a little more jiggle. Can't wait to wear my bikini. Will be getting the Booty Magic pills to go with with the cream and get even better results

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

These pills work !!

These pills really work ! My family has seen a difference with them . I also use the lotion so my booty is getting bigger and bigger and I also work out .