Historically, women have displayed their breasts as a form of flirting or seduction, with volume and curvature moderating the standard of aesthetic attraction and erotic appeal. SkinMor' Breast Plumping Lotion is a natural curve enhancing boost that actively promotes volume to enhance the shape and curve of the breasts. Formulated with remarkable plant extracts that stimulate the proliferation of adipocytes, it helps promote the storage of lipids, resulting in a breast Plumping effect. This unique approach to plumping, helps enhance the volume of the fatty tissue of the breasts, leading to a more voluptuous, sensual and desirable Breast.
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BEWARE! Miracle Bust, and likely others, are Not as presented

BUYER BEWARE of any Bust enhancing pills or creams. This scam was popular in the 1990's too--it also failed. I finally found a POSSIBLE list of ingredients, on one site; but, that was not complete, and failed to tell how much of each was in the product. At no site was the product label shown, so anyone could see ingredients for themselves. Contacting the company often gets one of 2 responses: 1. "Tell me what you are trying to avoid, and I will tell you if it is in the product". OR... 2. "The ingredients are proprietary, so I cannot disclose them to you". HOW is anyone supposed to figure if they might be allergic to ingredients? Also, that one site's list, does not include the Oats and Glycerine, mentioned on a couple other sites selling same product, using same graphics and print...So which is it? Oats and glycerine, or the short list of other things, including Sabal? OR something else entirely? ALL sites [I found more than 10 so far] were NON-disclosing of ingredients...don't worry, be happy girls...never mind what it might do to you that is not so nice. ALL of them come across as very condescending towards women, about what's really in it, saying things to the effect of "don't worry, all natural, can't do you any harm, ingredients often used in other pharmaceuticals...no worries".. .. REALLY!?! That is like a car salesmen trying to sell to a female buyer by bragging about the cup holders and vanity mirror!!! But...when any company is so vague and condescending towards consumers, are they telling the truth about it? I do NOT think so. BUT WORSE: ONE ingredient..."Sabal", also known as "Saw Palmetto", is primarily traditionally used for men with prostate problems. AND...In some old medical references, Saw Palmetto is "..."used to help treat Wasting Conditions", to "pack flesh on". So, can Saw Palmetto, a.k.a. "Sabal", enlarge your breasts? Sure, it potentially can...along with the whole rest of your body! The hormone inducing or controlling herbs in it..if there are really any in it...might help do something. But, you are better off getting a prescription from a real Doctor, who knows how to prescribe "Bio-identical hormones" [NOT man-made analogues of them], in a "Triple Estrogen Creme with progesterone", to use daily. BEWARE of regular allopathic Docs claiming they are prescribing bio-identical hormones, too...lately THEIR scam, is telling patients they are getting bio-identical, while prescribing man-made analogues of them. Just be very careful!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK, TO FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT SO-CALLED EXPERTS, OR SALESPEOPLE, ARE TRYING TO SELL YOU!!!

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Bad side effect on me

Over time these pills caused me to have chest pains. I thought maybe it was just a chest cold and I'd get over it. But it only got worse, so I stopped taking these pills, and I was relieved of my chest pain. Other then that, they did work just not good for my health. I've taken another supplement, called "natural curves" that I didn't have any bad experiences (chest pain) with and it lifted, rounded and increased my bust size. I don't know if anyone else experience this, but I will not be using these pills anymore, I've discarded them.

Doesn't work!

I bought this because of the reviews and I think they are paying these girls to talk about it. I had bought two of them and started since April 19 and nothing at all. I will never buy again...


Didn't work at all. Went on smooth and smells nice but haven't seen any improvement I wouldn't recommend to anyone

by Nicole L. Anderson >> See more reviews

I'm still waiting

I've used it religiously, twice a day for almost a month. I still have small, unshapely, sagging boobs. The lotion feels good to my skin though. A little goes a long way.

not so great

I did not find any improvement after using this lotion.


waste of money ,no difference ,finished the whole bottel and used twice ady but no result ,don`t waste your money

by Anna wallace >> See more reviews

I recommend this fully

I was skeptical at first because I have tried other lotions and it's hard to imagine it actually working. My breast definitely grew and although I'm not sure if it was solely thanks to this lotion it still definitely helped. There is a huge difference. My boyfriend noticed right away and I have grown a lot of confidence. I Was a B and now I am a D. It also helped with shape. Again I am on birth control so it may also have that to contribute to it but even before I started I began to notice a difference. I mean even if it does not work right away do not get discouraged and do not skip a day because that makes a difference. I recommend this fully. It also is great to use for breast massaging. If was definitely worth my money and will be buying again.

not worth it

I can't say much for this , didn't see or feel any differents after using this . I can't recommend this . It may work for some but use your own judgment.

by Elizabeth White >> See more reviews

Do not buy!

It did nothing for me. Not worth your money.