Avalon Organics Bath & Shower Gel, Revitalizing Peppermint, 12 Fluid Ounce. Gentle plant-based formula unites Peppermint Essential Oil, Quinoa Protein, Aloe and botanical cleansers to purify and revitalize extra dry skin while the stimulating aroma of Peppermint energizes the mind and body. For an energizin, hand drawn bath, pour under warm running water in a bath tub. Avalon Organics is grounded in the knowledge that all beauty begins within the Earth. Guided by the wisdom of nature, each product is thoughtfully crafted for optimal effectiveness while meeting a strict organic standard. Formulas contain carefully selected botanicals that are nurtured by the elements then tenderly harvested to nourish the body from the outside in. Deep rooted beauty is at the heart of the Avalon Organics Guiding Principles – ensuring that every product reflects a deep reverence for the planet and all it provides and contributes in its own small way to a holistic lifestyle of health, wellness and sustainability.
Manufacturer: Avalon
Size: 12 Ounce
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by OrlandoMom >> See more reviews

Refreshing, Just Avoid Your Privates

This is a refreshing shower gel until it gets into your "privates," then it burns like crazy. I mean, "pepper-" mint is a very significant name AND descriptor for the essential oils in this shower gel. I no longer use it for my shower, but it's fabulous for soaking feet after a long day.

by Cassandra >> See more reviews

Refreshing and Affordable!

I hightly recommend this shower gel. The scent is very light (I am allergic to perfume and have had no problems with this product) and pleasant. The gel is gentle on the skin, leaves it feeling moist and smooth rather than dry like most soaps,and it doesn't require much gel to create a nice lather. I have been using this product for over a year (my current order was for a refill)and have found the quality of the product consistent. I highly recommend it, particularly for those who have problems with allergies as I do.Avalon Organic Botanicals Therapeutic Body Care Lavender 32 Fl. Oz. Value Size Bath & Shower Gels

Light scent, good sudsing ability, mostly organic

This is my favorite bodywash. Many people mention that the scent is not strong enough but it is perfect for me. While I do most of my shopping on Amazon, as of right now this particular item is a couple of dollars less on VC which is where I purchased it. Since this is made by Avalon Organics you would assume the product is "all" organic, but some of the oils used are not. To their credit, they make it clear in the ingredient list which of them are: (1)Certified Organic Ingredient-- Aqua (Water), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice(1), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil(1), Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil, Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil, Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract(1), Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract(1), Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Extract(1), Arginine, Bisabolol, Sodium Citrate, Sodium PCA, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Alcohol(1), Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Citral, Limonene, Linalool. I got this information from the EWG site [...] (they rate this a 5 in safety overall).

Good Stuff

I have been using Avalon Organics products for several years now, and I can't recommend them highly enough. If you have dry or sensitive skin as I do, the bath and shower gel will treat your skin very gently and leave you feeling clean. I use Avalon Organics Hand & Body Lotion (Aloe-Unscented) and Nourishing Shampoo as well. Amazons prices are by far the lowest I've seen for Avalon Organics products.

Lavender Shower Gel: very effective insects repellant

I like going outside but I got bitten by insects so quickly that I was afraid of going outside. I could stand in the door way a few minutes talking with my neighbor and I would get a few bites. Note I don't live in the country. After I started using this Lavender Shower gel, I don't get bites any more. Last week, I went to a family gathering outside in the yard. A few women complained about bites on their legs and arms, but I didn't get any and I was wearing a dress and short sleeves. I've introduced this wonderful Lavender shower gel to them and I've ordered more for my friends. Thanks, Lavender!

by M. Allen Greenbaum >> See more reviews

Light and Refreshing

Another great cruelty-free product from Avalon, this light and refreshing gel (it's not as dense as that name connotes) can be used as soap or shampoo. The predominant fragrance is mint (with other subtle undertones), and it cleans wiithout massive amoountss of suds. Ingredients innclude organic floral waters of peppermint and lavender, organnic extracts of gingko biloba, gotu kola, sage, and wild thyme, organic plant oils, and vitamins A and E. No animal ingredients, no animal testing, and ph balanced.

by Rebecca L. Walker >> See more reviews

Great product Line.

I love this stuff! Smells great without being overpowering. Moisturizes without making you feel oily. I first discovered it with the shampoo and now have the whole line including conditioner, this body wash and body cream.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Lovely product

So I would think most of us would agree that Amazon is a pretty good, reliable place to buy stuff. Whenever I have had a problem with an order, they have been prompt to do what they can to make amends. Please don't let the negative review of this product put you off. As to Avalon shower gel, it is one of the few I have found with friendlier ingredients that both my husband and I like. It doesn't dry out his dry skin, it doesn't have an offensive smell and it just works like it should. I have been buying it elsewhere for a similar price but am going to buy it from amazon now because it is so much more convenient.

by S. C. MacKenzie >> See more reviews

Lavender Bath & Shower Gel

A nice shower gel, although the scent is very light (lighter than I'd like) and you have to use more than the usual amount to get decent suds in the shower or bath. I'll look for something more aromatheurapeutic next time.

by Neil Isenberg >> See more reviews

Avalon Bath and Shower Gel - 70% Organic, Unique Smell - 50% had broken tops but they replaced them for free

Review for Avalon Bath and Shower Gel ISSUE: ------- - The tops of two of the last four 32oz bottles we got didn't pop up (BROKEN PUMPs), poor quality control. Be sure to TEST the bottles you get right away so as to have a simple and free exchange experience if needed. - Vitacost sent us two replacement bottles so thumbs up for Avalon and/or the Vitacost for customer service. NOTES: ------- - A reviewer noted that he detected the smell changed. It smells now (2013) the same it has smelled to us for the last year and a half or so we have used it, lemon lavendery (more lavendery). Thus I assume a bad batch went out in the past or there was a temporary formula change in the past. However, I'd say if you buy it now you are probably okay. - A reviewer saw 12oz on the ordering page instead of 32oz. I saw 32oz on the ordering page (and 32oz arrived), so it looks like they fixed it. - Avalon describes this as 70% Organic. That may or may not be organic enough for you, of course. - They make clear which ingredients are organic and which aren't right on the label. - You can lower the price to a little over $12 buying 4 of them due to shipping cost per unit at the time of this review (Vitacost).