For the health of your family, Germ-X® Hand Sanitizer is effective at eliminating over 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds. Special moisturizers leave hands smooth.
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Love this stuff

Without doing before and after bacterial cultures it's hard to say for certain whether Germ-X actually kills the advertised "99.99% of germs," but given that the active ingredient in this is the same as in professional-grade sanitizers used by hospitals I'd have to think it's pretty effective. Regardless, I know that this stuff certainly makes my hands feel cleaner and I am always glad to have access to it when there's no soap or water around. The liquid doesn't really have much odor and it evaporates quickly without leaving any sticky residue, which I appreciate. I've found the 10oz size to be perfect for keeping in the car, and I also have a bottle in the guest bathroom since unfortunately I know there are some people who find handwashing to be too inconvenient but will use waterless sanitizers.

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Best sanitizer on the market!

In my opinion, Germ-x is the best hand sanitizer on the market. It doesn't have a "rotten hamburger" smell like Purell does. It instead has a fresh smell that will easily combine with Bath and Body brand sanitizers for clean hands with a great smell. Germ-x doesn't leave a sticky residue like many other sanitizer a. This pack is great to refill pocket bottles and will last for several months. Highly recommended!

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Hard to find in stores

I always have trouble finding Germ-X in stores, so when I saw it on Amazon, I HAD to get it. I find it smells better, leaves less sticky residue, and is overall a better product than most other hand sanitizers. Package came as described, very carefully packed to prevent leaks/breaks. Very happy I have a year's supply now!

Lasts a long time

We purchased the hand sanitizer at the recommendation of our pediatrician after the birth of our daughter. He specified the percent of alcohol necessary and this fit our requirements. With the multi-pack we were able to place hand sanitizer in the nursery, living room, kitchen, and foyer. This encouraged guests to sanitize their hands when arriving and reminded us to be more cautious. The hand sanitizer does not have a pungent smell unlike some other brands. You also don't have to use much to fully cover your hands and it dries pretty quickly.

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Sterile hands when doing medical work

I am a retired firefighter. I still carry a medical-response jump-bag in my vehicle. I carry one of these in my bag to use before and after exposing myself to a 'scene' that requires a possible contamination issue. So far, I seem to be well. I have not become, to my knowledge, infected by any situation that to which I was exposed. I think it is a geat product

10% less than Purell

Purell is 70% alcohol This is 63% alcohol... sounds like a 10% difference in strength addendum: The 70% Purell was purchased in a pharmacy... When I ordered it through an Amazon affiliate, it was 62%...

Flue season tools

Flu season and colds are out and about. After wiping the desk and the telephone done, I continually use Germ-X. It has moisturizing vitamin E and does not dry your hands out.

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Germ X

Item was fine, but price was too high. I found the same item in the store for 1/3 the price.

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A Must Have

This is a must have for me. I keep some at work and at home and a smaller bottle in my purse. I also buy this my my kids to take to school, they have this on their supply list every year. It absorbs quickly and doesn't dry your hands out. I use the original and the aloe and like them both. You can get a large bottle for around $4 at Walmart or Walgreens. So be price aware when buying online.

School supply staple

Bought this item for my kids school supply list. Good quality fast shipping. I have no complaints. I will probably be buying these again for my kids school supply list for years to come. Much easier to purchase these online than to hunt for them at the store. I would recommend these.