Limited edition summer collection of red shades.
Color: Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It
Manufacturer: GEO Marketing Inc LLC


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I wanted to love this..

It's a clear pink polish with hearts, which is great because the polish makes your nails a pretty girly pink, HOWEVER the hearts are super hard to get out of the bottle/stick to the brush. The polish is very liquidy, more then dense so the hearts slide right off the brush into the bottle. I spent longer then I usually woul on my nails simply trying to get the hearts out, so eventually I just polished my nails with the color and then dug around for hearts after. It kinda sucks because I'm almost out of the polish already but there are tons of hearts that have sunk to the bottom of the bottle :/ It's not worth the hassle, but if you have the time and patience it's really pretty.


The shipping took longer than I would have hoped, and then on top of that the thumbnail used was incorrect. I was expecting the lighter pink as shown in the picture, but the colors are misrepresented. If you want the deep, shimmery nail polish order "I'm All Ears." HOPEFULLY you get what you pay for. :(

by thepreacherswife >> See more reviews


Perfect color choice for this Spring and Summer! Long wearing, doesn't chip, has a nice shine without having a"glittery" look.


Who couldn't resist a nail polish that is named "The Color of Minnie"? My only complaint is that I didn't see this polish until AFTER we got back from Disney World. Darnit all! I would have loved sporting this on my toes around Disney! lol Next time.....

This is an exact match for what she has and now she's very happy! I'll be ordering more for Christmas

My wife had this color applied at a nail salon, but they wouldn't sell her any for touch-ups. This is an exact match for what she has and now she's very happy! I'll be ordering more for Christmas....

Love Minnie Mouse?

OPI is my favorite nail line. This color is so girlie and flattering. The entire set of OPI Minnie Mouse colors is great, but for my mature age, this is the color I thought matched my heart and age.

by Devin Williams >> See more reviews


I'm disappointed because it was just pink glitter nail polish that the hearts were very hard to get out. I can buy pink nail polish anywhere. Only bought it for the hearts in it . :(

by Kelly A. Hudson >> See more reviews

Leaves the hearts behind

This is a cute idea... but that's about it. The hearts don't really come out onto the brush. I just ended up using tweezers to place the hearts. It's just not worth the hassle.

Fun pink heart glitter with lots of shimmer

Beautiful shimmer polish with heart glitter. Works best for me over a darker pink color. Heart glitter is hard to place on nail as it doesn't get grabbed by the brush easily.

by S. J. Cotton >> See more reviews

Great nail polish

What can one say about nail polish. OPI nail polish is a top quality polish. I love the color of this polish, it is a red polish with a hint of pink. It is not bright red.