LAMAUR Apple Pectin Acid pH Perm features an exclusive Thio-Ban blend
Feature: LAMAUR Apple Pectin Acid pH Perm features an exclusive Thio-Ban blend
Manufacturer: Zotos


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by ryan randall >> See more reviews


I am a veteran of the perm. I have tried every perm available on the market and this one is by far the best as far as results go. If you want a true to rod perm, this is the best on the market. It does not smell that bad, and never overprocesses. It always comes out great. The neutralizer smells like Apples. The only downside is that you need to have a hood dryer and it needs to be set on high. If you have resistant hair, it can get a bit uncomfortable sitting under the dryer for 25 minutes.

Best perm product ever.

I love this product. It is easy to use, does not leave burns on my skin or hair, and unlike many other products, I do not have any adverse physical effects. What I like best about this product is the pleasant, non-chemical scent. It smells like garlic when the perm is applied and the neutralizer smells like apples. My perms are soft, non=fuzzy, natural looking and do not require an immediate trim.

by Monochromes >> See more reviews

Best permanent wave in decades

Best permanent wave in decades. Absolutely no chemical odor, soft curls that last. Highly recommend this product to anyone - consumer and professional stylists.

by kathleen f bartley >> See more reviews

Nice relaxed permanent for my white hair

Nice relaxed permanent for my white hair. Looks very natural. Had it in FL a year ago and now have enough to continue for another year.

by Karen Kohr-Blinn >> See more reviews

With perfect results!

I have to tell you I adore Apple Pectin perm. I was a hairdresser twenty years and have used your perms continuously for all types of hair. With perfect results!!!!!!!! I will be putting this perm in my hair in a week or so. Ihave a bad arm currently and it is difficult to perm my hair anyway but with a gimpy arm it is worse! This perm is more than you realize it is so kind to your hair and style. No frizz, no split ends, and the sheen you don't need much other for sheen.. the perm closes the hair cuticle beautifully. Shine shine shine!! and Soft soft soft...

Great long lasting perm!

I have been giving Apple pectin perms for years because of the way the curl holds up. I was first introduced to this perm back in the 80's while I was in hairdressing school. Because it is an acid perm I highly recommend using a lot of cotton around the clients scalp to prevent any irritation should the solution drip. Nice pleasant smell too!

by Melissa Smith >> See more reviews

Great product and reasonable price.

Always a great perm with this product. My mother is older and takes a lot of medication. With this perm, her hair always comes out with great curl and no dead spots.

by Cynthia G. Anderson >> See more reviews

Five Stars

My favorite perm...always great results!

by Priscilla >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Love this perm!