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The Best Hand Sanitizer!

I absolutely love this product and it is very hard to find on the shelves. It doesn't leave that sticky residue like the gel hand sanitizers can and although it has a fresh scent it is not overbearing like some others can be. I have eczema and this is one product that doesn't aggravate it! Wish I could find it locally!

One of the few hand sanitizers that kills norovirus!

After having a very bad bought of norovirus run through my family, including 18-month-old twins, I will do my best to avoid that again! This is a very difficult to kill virus. I did some online research and found a website that identifies only two hand sanitizers that seem to do a reasonable job of killing this awful virus without drenching little hads in alcohol. Picked this one and hope it does the trick.

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Best Sanitizer Ever!

I love this hand sanitizer. It has a wonderful smell and it doesn't wear out your hands or burn like alcohol based ones do! Plus it is the only one that kills the stomach bug! Woo hoo! Love it and the service of the seller. Quick and very nice!

by Ican'tbelieveit'snotbutter >> See more reviews

Good Product!

My son has psoriasis so I have to be careful with buying products that contains alchol that will burn his skin. This Sanitizer is perfect. It has no alchol and is very gentle on his skin. He has no problems with this product.

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Love Germ X

I love all Germ X stuff, this is a antimicobial foam and it's awesome. God bless people who make this stuff. Keeps me from getting sick, I have asthma so a cold can make me get on antibiotics, so I love the wipes and this.

lasts a long time does not seem to dry my hands at all

I am an IT manager. I touch everyones keyboard and mouse but cant always go to the bathroom to wash my hands. This stuff works great. I rub it around and then dry my hands with a paper towel. Foam really lasts a long long time. One bottle lasted most of a winter. Gel would not last and dries my hands badly.

Not sticky! It's great!

Love this sanitizer! I know it sounds like a minor thing, but sanitizers tend to be sticky or don't absorb well, which is really annoying. This stuff is great (and, of course, not sticky and doesn't take forever to absorb).

Won't dry out your hands or make them sticky!!

I'll only buy this from now on. I'm in school to be an esthetician. We practice sanitizing our hands with hand sanitizer very often so having one that doesn't dry out my hands or make them sticky is a must. Compared to regular gel ones this foaming one doesn't dry my hands out at all (I've used about 15 pumps in a row in 2 hours, and my hands still weren't dry)

by Pink Rain Cloud Mom >> See more reviews

The Foam is a little drippy, we like it, we just don't love it.

We like the alcohol free part of this hand sanitizer. We always like the smell of Germ-x. This product does what it is supposed to, sanitizes, plus it does not leave our hands with that dried out feeling. This foaming business, however, it gets a little drippy & we don't love it. Like it, not love it.

wonderful product, doesn't dry out my skin and no ...

wonderful product, doesn't dry out my skin and no strong odor. unable to find any brand of alcohol free at stores here. I wanted the Purell used at the hospital, but it doesn't come in a convenient size. never heard of Germ-X but it's exactly what I wanted.