Renewal & vitality for sensitive skin. Prepares the skin for optimal moisturization. Restores the skin's delicate equilibrium while delivering essential hydration with Hyaluronic Acid. The soothing protection of Licorice Root, Organic Lavender, Green Tea, White Tea, and Vitamin C antioxidants prepare the skin for deep moisturization. Hydrating toner made with calming, non-irritating ingredients for reactive complexions. Consciousness in Cosmetics: Our pledge. Your assurance. Safe, effective, pro-organic skin care without artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or parabens. EU compliant. No parabens, harsh preservatives or grapefruit seed extract. 1% Vegetarian ingredients. No animal testing. Made in the USA.
Feature: Avalon Organics
Manufacturer: Avalon Organics
Size: 8 oz
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Got a different version of this toner

I loved the original Avalon Organic Botanicals Hydrating toner- as shown in this picture. That is what I wanted. Unfortunately, the product I received is the "new, more sustainable" version: [...] - the Lavender Luminosity version and I don't like it at all. It has a weird smell. The new one also does not say "for sensitive skin" on it and I have very sensitive skin. The picture on this product needs to be updated if the new version is being delivered.

Allergic reaction?

I ordered this through this seller on Amazon and never received the item. Amazon gave me credit. So, I went out to the store & purchased it from Whole Foods instead. After using it once, my entire face was bright red, swollen & burning. I know this has salicylic acid in it, but I do a 30% salicylic peels about 3 times a month without any reaction. I leave my peels on for 7 minutes and my face is barely red. I applied this toner for a few seconds and got that bad of a reaction. I don't know if it's the combination of ingredients, but be careful with this toner if you buy it.

Product is NOT what is on the label

I bought this on-line because my local store was out of it. When I went to use it, it had an funny smell and was soapy when applied. Toner shouldn't be soapy? Luckily I had a little left in my other bottle so I compared them. Same label, different color & it smelled bad (definitely not like lavender). I've always had great luck with Amazon, but I won't buy anything from SB Natural Products again!

Cosmetic Research

I found the Avalon line while traveling Canada. I read the ingredients on the label and chose to test it. The product removes residual remains on the surface, adds moisture to the skin making it feel supple, the lavendar fragrance is aromathetically pleasing during cleansing. The toner works extremely well on aged skin, as well as, youthful skin. Its a great product.

by K. Persons >> See more reviews

this old formula from Amazon is best

I have been using Avalon Facial Toner for many years. I appreciate the clean, soft feel of my skin after using this product at least twice a day. The ph balancing was perfect & smell lite, invigorating just exactly perfect for me, so of Course they've changed the formula!! I was so bummed, the new Avalon Toner is sticky & simply doesn't work. So I am very happy to find this site for the old toner. It's not prime however, so the postal price brings the deal to regular in-store price.


This is not what is shown in the picture. You'll get some "new sustainable version" instead and it is gross. First off, it gets all soapy in your hand and the suds dont go away in your hands or face, with or without cotton pads. It smells the same as the original version initially but then it quickly fades to some other mysterious odor. I am pretty disappointed. product feels like it was tampered with. There was no safety packaging seal around the cap when it arrived.

by Minnesota >> See more reviews

I wanted to love this product

I wanted to love this product, based on the good reviews. Unfortunately, I had the same reaction as one of the reviewers - every time I use this toner my face gets all red and burning. I have normal to combination skin, without any problems, and a fair complexion. This was the only toner that has ever made me so uncomfortable.

by Amy Scheck >> See more reviews

It works... but it used to be better

The old formula was great: it gently cleansed, it smelled like lavender, and it wasn't greasy. This new formula works, but it falls short of the old formula in every way. It doesn't smell very good, but it's gentle on sensitive skin, so it's not a complete loss. Still, I'll be looking for a new brand.

by Alexandra Desir >> See more reviews

Clean and Fresh!

I love how this toner does the job without irritating my skin or making it too oily or more dry. My skin is dry, especially around my cheeks, so I don't know how it will work for everyone, but I think it works wonderfully!

by calicalicali >> See more reviews

Wonderful Smell, Nice feel

This stuff smells AMAZING - definitely calms my skin and has left my face very even. I LOVE it - BUT I have products that I love more and give me better results. I would recommend this though.