IsoSensuals CURVE is an all natural butt enhancement cream proven to enlarge, firm, and lift your buttocks. Look and feel more confident than ever naturally, without risky surgeries or expensive implants. IsoSensuals CURVE Butt Cream's active ingredient VoluplusTM is clinically proven to increase the size and count of fatty cells in the buttocks. Thousands of men and women from over 100 countries have trusted IsoSensuals CURVE because it works! Why waste a fortune on expensive and dangerous surgery when you can have bigger, fuller, natural looking buttocks for a fraction of the cost?

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Manufacturer: IsoSensuals
Size: 6 Fl. Oz / 180mL
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Best Supplements Ever!!!!!

I have used this for about 2 months now and definitely seen a huge difference in my buttocks as well as my hips thighs and abdomen combined with the pill as well just ordered my second batch I will continue to use this brand love it!!!!

MajorCurves + IsoSensualsCurve = Phenominal!

Altighty ladies, here it goes!! So, im writing this because i feel it would be of great help to those who are seeking a double wammy affect with butt &/or breast ENLARGEMENT! First off, if you go to the the Major Curves(tm) website: [...] and if you go to the IsoSensuals(tm) CURVE website: [...], you will notice quite a few similarities. I'm not an expert but my guess is that it's the same company who's created both of these wonderful products! First thing is first! Taking an oral supplement and combining it with a "lazer focused" targeted application (enlargement/enhancement creams & supplements) - you will greater your chances at success! I've been doing my damn homework on this stuff for a LONG time! and i can tell you that the herbal ingredients listed in the Major Curves Supplement are known for their estrogenic properties (if you look up on google, herbs that promote butt/breast enlargement - every single one in this bottle will be there)thus increasing a woman or man's ability to develope even further. Now, yes its lovely to just swallow and go BUT you must remember that your digestive system is very strong and will only absorb a certain amount of any nutrients you put in you (hence why the health supplements industry is booming) b/c we cant absorb in full 100% everything we eat. That being said, we need help externally too which is why Isosensuals CURVE cream is a great buddy for the MajorCurves product. There's no estrogen like functions to it - just straight out fat gathering properties. So if you think about it, by taking a supplement thats making your body mimic estrogen functions from the inside and using a product that's helping fat build ONLY WHERE YOU WANT IT/APPLY IT on the outside - how much better would your results be?? The second ingredient in the IsoSensuals cream is VOLUPLUS(tm) (the site will fill u in on that) - this means that the second most used ingredient that fills the entire container is the one that makes you store fat cells (just like any other ingredient listing, it always goes greatest to least used). When taking one pill twice a day and MASSAGING not apply but MASSAGing the cream on each cheek twice a day - YOU WILL SEE GROWTH BECAUSE I DID and im a damn white girl!. ALso, if you want yur body to absorb a product even better - warm up the skin first with a BLOWDRYER! yes! by blowing HOT AIR onto your desired area (boobs and butt) you will open up the pores and teh product will get absorbed into your skin just that much better. THe same goes for the supplement - take it with warm liquids beacuse your body absorbs warm/hot fluids at a faster rate than cold (Don't burn your tongue, a warm tea or warm chocolate milk will do). The cream (not the Ehance one for your boobs, the CURVE one for your bu,) can be applied on your boobs as well (VOLUPLUS IS MORE DOMINANT AS A 2nd ingredient in curve as oppose to Isosensuals enhance where its the 4th ingredient). The major curves pills help your butt and breasts to grow b/c they are mastogenic herbs (look it up and you'll see what im talking about). This is a novel and a half but i feel that ppl need to be educated on tricks that work! Buy the 6month supplements (you need to take it for that long trust me) and the 6month CURVE cream (do both twice a day for 6 months and i PROMISE you will gain at LEAST once inch - at LEAST!). Also, Maca and Peuaria Mirifica are also great butt/breast enlarging herbs when taken ALONE! some herbs dont go well with others!. If you want to add some more cick - try Natureday's breast enlargement cream with these pills (naturday pills contain almost the same ingredients except these ones here are stronger and time released) b/c the cream again contains the same herbs as MajorCurves and you'll be helping your boobs grow as much as your butt! I honestly feel that the inside and out route os your best bet! MajorCruves in and IsoSensuals Curve out on your booty and/or breasts! or Naturday's cream on your breast! If you want an even BIGGER kick lol (im nuts with this stuff but ice done my research and have tried every product to know they do work when COMBINED) Take these supplements and use them with BotchPlus Ultimate Booty Enlargement SERUM! website:[...] This serum containg Voluplus(tm) (fat collector) and Pueraria Mirifica (one of the strongest estrogenic herbs on the planet). DO NOT take Puerua Mirifica and other herbs together, PM is best on its own which is why if you apply it from the outside and take this MAjor curves on the inside - no chance you wont gain anything. And again, BotchPLus can be used on your bum and/or boobies. I've emailed them and Major curves and they both said you can take both supplement and serum together b/c one is for topical and the other is oral! So recap: Isosensuals CURVE - proven to work VoluPLus fat builder but estrogen free Major Curves - proven estrogen mimicing herbs BotchoPlus Booty Serum - Puerarira Mirifica (one of the strongest estrogen binding herbs) & Voluplus (fat builder) Naturday's breast enlargement cream - same herbs as these supplemets which will help your boobs from the outside - in. All should be take and applied twice/day! Go to the sites, tell me what you think!

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This stuff is amazing ! It's easy to use , there are no harsh smells and I instantly felt it firming my butt . I Recommend for every woman !


So I have only been using this for about 2 weeks but these are my results and if this can happen in just two weeks, what will my butt look like in 2 months!! The white shirt is before and black shirt is after 2 weeks.

by steadasha >> See more reviews

a fast way to get a bigger butt

This product works perfect , I just started this a month ago and I got results in 2 weeks I got 5 inches on my backside I'm so glad that I purchased this item its all natural and it smells really good .

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Build my booty

Love this product! I have full confidence in it!!

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Really unfortunate for those like myself who heavily rely on reviews before placing orders

I ordered this twice along with the pills to help enhance the results and after 6 months of usage, I see no results whatsoever. I purchased this product based on the positive reviews, but now I realize IsoSensuals reaches out to their customers shortly after they place their orders and offer a free supply of the cream if you write a positive review. Really unfortunate for those like myself who heavily rely on reviews before placing orders. I requested for a refund 2 days after their 60 day window and they refused to issue the refund. The cream did smell nice, but it was a waste of my time putting this cream on twice a day for 6 months.

by Brent Willner >> See more reviews

Fake reviews.

As others have said, the reviews here are fake. Take a look at the top reviews. All the profiles are new, and the only thing they've reviewed is IsoSensuals products. Do not give these liars any money.

by Ms Lolokkey >> See more reviews

My Butt has become nice. Thanks

It seem to be working. My Butt has become nice . Thanks IsoSensuals

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

This product is amazing

This product is amazing. I noticed a huge difference in the size of my butt after a month of using this cream.