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Mink Hair Conditioner is a sophisticated formulation that gives your hair the lustrous look of mink while it conditions. Apply a small amount of hair and scalp and work through, see immediate results.
Manufacturer: Sir Charles


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on 2/8/17
My name is Tandrea Spain and I grew up wearing this product and even worked in the factory. This product goes on light, smells wonderful and gives the hair a nice sheen. I know Sir Charles personally and he puts a lot of care into his product.

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I love the Sir Charles

Do not understand why I cannot get this item locally. So happy that I have a wonderful place to order it from, THANK YOU!


I used this when I was a young girl. Can't find in any store. Happy to find it again. Makes my hair feel healthy and Happy!

Made my thin curly hair look like an oil slick

VERY oily. Made my thin curly hair look like an oil slick. This product was not right for me.