LA Girl USA PRO HD HIGH DEFINITION CONCEALERS? Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections, and provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.
Color: GC 981 Toast
Manufacturer: LA Girl
Size: 1
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by Melissa Spahr >> See more reviews

Goodbye undereye circles

This product is great! I have undereye circles from seasonal allergies. Recently I came across color correctors to cancel out different tones using that color wheel you'll find online. I have olive skin with greenish tones and a bit of redness (constantly blushing doesn't help either). I was amazed at the results of this product. My regular concealer (have tried many brands) would still show the darkness from the circles underneath and make the results unnatural and obvious. This stuff neutralizes or more appropriately cancels out the dark circles so that you may apply foundation over it for the desired results. You can add a second layer if needed; it won't disintegrate, which is great. I've tanned since I purchased this corrector and only use one application and it works so great with my skin tone that I don't even need concealer over it. The tube is not yellow like the picture. When it arrived, the tube looked just like a regular concealer until I tested it and saw the yellow tone. Needless to say, this makeup is my new best friend to give my face the fresh look that's shadowed by undereye circle. I had taken before-after images with amazing results but had problems uploading them. Do yourself a favor and give this a try.

Yellow corrector

Excellent color for neutralizing purplish/bluish under-eye bags but quality is not amazing. Ive tried Nars' corrector stick in yellow, Mac's prep and prime yellow highlighter, and Lancome's corrector wand. All of them had much better texture but the LA Girl has more coverage and a deeper yellow color. I'm fair skinned olive (NC25) and I was worried this would be too dark but it actually looks great. The only con is that the texture is not very smooth, kind of looks cakey over large pores. If I put my Nars radiant concealer on top it helps but not completely. All-in-all it's worth the six bucks, still looking for my holy grail though.

by Shineh175 >> See more reviews

I recommend...

I loved this product... LA Girl Pro High Def Concealer in Yellow. I've always used a yellow concealer (from Mary Kay which I love) but hate paying $14+ dollars for it. I thought I would try something new and this product compares very nicely. It is not as thick but that's ok because you can build it if you need more coverage. I kind of like it better because it isn't as thick. I read the reviews and saw that most people didn't like the applicator tip. That is something I didn't like as well but it was an easy fix. The original tip is a little brush. I fixed it by removing the clear cap as shown on the picture and I cut off the brush tip down to the plastic white tip. I left enough white tip so that it could still dispense nice and clean. Love it now. No more brush. This product still deserves a 5 star.

Great product, long-lasting!

As a very pale-skinned person, it's always a struggle to find a concealer light enough for my skin (approximately NC-10). With that said, I'm very, very impressed by this product! The colour match is very good, and the coverage is excellent (medium to full). It feels very emollient and blendable, but sets very well with a bit of powder. The coverage stays very good all day -- I'd say it's still at 90% after 8 hours wear. Use sparingly -- a little goes a long way. It also has a bit of a yellow undertone, but it works fine on my cool-toned skin. The only drawback for me is the applicator -- I don't really like the tiny brush at all, as it's sometimes difficult to get the proper amount of product out. That's easily overcome though. It's a great concealer!


Love this stuff. I finally feel like my undereye discoloration is looking better. I'm still working on my technique but this stuff is amazing. It's creamy and a little goes a long way. I'm not crazy about the little applicator brush but that might be me not using it correctly. I will definitely order again.

Right color, wrong consistency for me

I bought this product in both yellow and orange to conceal my dark circles, but found it a little too liquid for good coverage. Even with the attached brush applicator, it's hard to get the right amount of concealer blended without simply wiping most of it off. I seem to have better success with cream-style concealers, and am now using NYX Cremes. So, good color here but the consistency might not be right for every complexion or depth of dark circles.

by Judy Barrett >> See more reviews

Not for fair skin in my opinion...

I am very fair with a pink hue to my face. I tried this to hide under eye dark circles and ended up looking like Bozo the Clown AND it did not even hide my dark circles. It is also very sticky and feels more like a liquid lipstick than an under eye concealer. I am thinking that this product might be for those with a darker complexion. I am disappointed, I had hoped it would work.

Love it.

I was using the yellow nyx concealer and then decided to try this. This world way better to cover my dark circles. An it lightly then put another concealer over this that matches your skin tone and dust lose powder on it. be careful because too much squeezes out of the tube at a time. Way more than you need fir both eyes. But it's worth the price.

by A. Colhouer >> See more reviews

Good price, Decent product

This concealer is pretty nice, especially for the price it has nice coverage. The one thing I'm not SUPER into would be the application of it, its like a lipgloss tube, you squeeze until you see product, I just feel like this form ends up wasting quite a bit of product. All in all though it is a pretty good concealer for the price especially. It came super fast in the mail as well!

by Melissa K. >> See more reviews

I didn't really like this product

I didn't really like this product. I bought it to reduce redness in my cheeks, but by the time you blend it in, it doesn't really reduce the redness. I tried several different ways to apply the product such as fingers, sponge, brush, and beauty blender, but I just kept on getting the same result. I really wanted to love this product, but I think that people just have to focus on getting a good BB/CC cream or foundation because having this layer underneath does nothing. The product did NOT break out my sensitive skin which was awesome, however, it did not give the coverage I was expecting. I got my product delivered in time and also was packaged securely so I knew it had not been tampered with.