A shampoo designed for athletes, particularly swimmers Targets heavily styled hair & those residing in hard water areas Eliminates chlorine that will transform blonde hair to green Clears styling product buildup & mineral residues caused by hard water Hair appears hydrated & conditioned To use: Apply to damp hair & foam up. Rinse well. Repeat if needed
Feature: Joico - K-Pak Clarify Chelating Shampoo 300ml/10.1oz
Manufacturer: Joico
Size: 300ml/10.1oz
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by lklawrence >> See more reviews

Does remove chlorine and help prevent green hair.

This shampoo does seem to remove chemicals from hair after swimming. My blond daughter's hair kept turning green after swimming in the pool. I tried everything, and nothing would remove the color. I tried this and after two applications did remove a good deal of the color. It didn't come out completely, but I didn't really expect it too...it's been too long. I have been using this after each swim since then, and it hasn't got any worse. It is fairly drying, you will definitely want to condition afterword, and probably wouldn't want to use daily. Smells pretty good too. It does contain sulfates and other chemicals I don't wish to use on hair on a regular basis, but for occasional use to help control chemical and hard water damage, it's worth the money.

Noticed improvement after 1 use

A few months ago I moved to a new house with very hard water. After several weeks my hair had this really nasty build up and never felt clean. I used Neutrogena clarifying shampoo which always worked great in the past but it did nothing. I read about chelating shampoo and since this product had the best reviews I decided to try it. I have nothing to compare it to as I have never used a chelating shampoo before but I did notice an improvement after one use. It didn't not completely remove all of the grime but I am afraid to use it too often as it is very drying. Overall I would recommend this product to someone with grimy hair due to hard water.

Hoped for more...

Not a bad shampoo under normal circumstances. I purchased this to help eliminate green in my hair caused by copper content in a hot tub. (That's right, people, green is from copper, NOT chlorine. Think about it: bleach removes color. The Statue of Liberty is green/blue for a reason = copper). Anyhoo, the product did not perform as I had hoped. It simply takes time to fade.

Works Great

This product really works. After only a couple of uses my hair was back to normal and all the build up was gone. Very excited to have found this!!

by vera swarowsky >> See more reviews


esse shampoo é muito bom preço bom , embalagem muito pratica, se precisarei comprarei novamente, chegou em tempo esperado e como descrito