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by clutter19 >> See more reviews

Made my toddler girl very happy

Bought 'your majesty' and 'hot secret' for my toddler daughter. She loves this stuff, it is 'stinky' like regular nail polish but it doesn't come off in the bath. She loves her blue toes. I haven't painted my nails in over 4 years because of the toxins in regular polish. I tried the purple on my nails and this is better than the regular polish. Why wasn't this around earlier? So so happy to find this product. Thank you Adrianne K!

BEST nail polish

This is a great buy. It stays on chip free for up to two weeks and color Stays shiny. I feel like it helps my nails grow long and strong since it's missing all that toxic none sense most nail polishes do. I am so exctatic that I found this line. This is the BEST line of nail polish I have used.


I tried this nail polish at my nail salon in Beverly hills, Wendy`snail and Absolutely loved it. Long lasting, beautiful and fun colors and nontoxic! Most like a dream nail polish!

So happy to find these!

Ordering these due to a recent allergy to mass marketed polishes (especially the new gel kind) I was delighted NOT to have any rash or reaction to these! (I ordered 3 colors) The quality was terrific and the polish even removed smoothly and easily too when I went to take it off. And it lasted until then. A fabulous find!

by daniel saparzadeh >> See more reviews

and i became a hero since she loved it so much

i highly suggest this item!!! I got this nail polish for my girlfriend as a gift, and i became a hero since she loved it so much!!!! a few of her friends ended getting their own! ;0)

Amazing nail polish!!! Great colors and non toxic!

Love this nail polish!!! I'm nursing and now I don't feel guilty to put nail polish on!!! Not only it's non toxic it also lasted a long time!!! I'm ordering more colors! Thank u!

lasts long and beautiful color options

I've been hooked since my last purchase and plan to collect ever color! Highly recommend over GEL!

Beautiful Color

This is the 2nd color I have purchased. I LOVE this color.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Best nail polish ever!!!!!

I've had only the BEST experience with this nail polish line. I used to do a lot of gels and then decided to take a break and go back to just nail polish and was thrilled to find this line!!! The quality is great and I even convinced my own nail lady to get a few of my colors for her other customers. She's been very happy with the results. I've gotten nothing but compliments!!!

by Michelle Senehi >> See more reviews

I'm so happy I found this nail polish

I'm so happy I found this nail polish. I'm pregnant and was looking for a non-toxic nail polish to use. Whats better is that it lasts for a long time. Having two kids already means I'm constantly washing my hands. I use Adrianne K top coat which seems to maintain the polish longer. I love this polish so much I'm buying it as holiday gifts for my kids school teachers.