Joan Rivers Great Hair Day fill-in powder provides the appearance of fuller hair instantly. Applied to your scalp with the included brush, Joan Rivers hair powder resists running yet washes off without staining. Formulated with ProcapilTM, an ingredient designed to strengthen hair at the roots. Includes flip-open mirror. 0.24 oz.
Color: Salt & Pepper
Manufacturer: AsWeChange
Size: One Size Fits All
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Blonde shade is dark enough for brunette hair

When I started growing out my blonde highlights, my dark brown roots showed a lot of unwanted scalp wherever it was parted. I heard that Brown could be too dark so I ordered Blonde & it's versatile enough to take care of blonde, brown, and salt & pepper hair. It mutes the shine & dulls the demarkation btwn hair & scalp. I like that it comes with an included brush & it's very easy to apply (if a tad cumbersome when covering several sections such as temples & sides). I dislike the scent of this powder but other than that it's an excellent solution to scalp-show, especially when taking flash pictures. It wears until you wash it off & doesn't flake off everywhere.

by J. Brockman >> See more reviews

Excellent Product!!!

This is a great product. It covers thinning hair and grey until you color again. Colors run dark. So order one lighter than you might usually think you would use

by E. Tomlinson >> See more reviews

A little goes a long way

I'm not a vain person, I don't typically wear make-up and my hair care routine exists of using my car's heater to blow dry my hair on the drive to work in the morning. That said, I do admit that I've always felt self-conscious about how thin my hair started getting, starting in my early 20s. My hair is baby fine and thinning on the back of my crown, and also along a kind of widow's peak cowlick in the front. I'm very white/pink and my scalp is very BRIGHT and makes everything look even worse than it reakky is. I've considered getting a wig or hair pieces, but I have very sensitive skin and my scalp gets too itchy. If I go one day without washing my hair, I start to look like I'm going bald. It's pretty sad. Anyway, I've tried using light brown matte eye shadow to hide the bald cowlick in the front, but you could always see the powder on my scalp and I was nervous that people could tell what I'd done. I was kind of worried that it would be the same with this this powder, but miraculously, that was not the case. After my hair dries, I take about a minute in the bathroom (using the little mirror on the compact that came with the powder) to lightly brush the thinning areas at the roots, including very lightly along my entire part. I don't overdo it, just a touch, but I'm amazed at the results. It's incredibly natural looking, I have brown hair and ordered the blond formula after reading reviews and it was the perfect shade. Now to address two criticism I read about in other reviews that I was worried about: 1. That it has an unpleasant fragrance. OK, this is kind of true...but it is a very faint fragrance, and I have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell. I'm always smelling things that other people can't, and I was worried that the scent would be flowery and overpowering, but it is not. Particularly if you use the powder sparingly. My husband was hugging me with his nose right up to my hair and he didn't notice anything, and his smell is even more sensitive than mine, in fact, I can't wear certain lotions etc. because he's so sensitive to the smell. -2.That it changes the texture of your hair and makes it feel dirty. Again, I have VERY fine hair that gets super oily after one day without washing it, so I was really worried about this. But, when I run my fingers through my hair, I feel nothing. Maybe if you were covering a very large area, it would change the feel, but not if you're just covering small patches. So, overall, I love this stuff and will be using this product daily from now on. I feel like it has really made me look like I have more hair, even though it isn't one of those texture hair fiber products. It doesn't come off on or stain your fingers, or show up on your's really amazing. So, while it is a bit spendy, I think you should go for it if you are on the fence about whether or not to order this. I almost skipped it, and I'm so glad that I didn't!

by Sharon Beverly >> See more reviews

Superb Coverage!

I love this product--and I've tried many others. The powder for this shade is suited to darker blondes and those who who have extremely light brown hair. If you are a true, light blonde, opt for the powder with that name. The blonde powder has no red tones, either. The brush provided will help you separate your hair to 'paint' the powder in the specific spots you choose. If you have very large areas to cover, buy a soft bristled brush and use that instead. A hair stylist suggested this for someone with extreme hair loss and it worked quite well. This powder is superior to others in that, it will not wear off until you wash it out. It doesn't shed, flake, crack, drip, etc. It stays put. It won't appear on your clothes nor, pillow. I use it on both scalp and roots. For the scalp, it provides a shadowy coverage; you just don't see scalp anymore. (By buying the right color, it blends into the rest of your hair color.) For the roots, there's just enough coverage to not see defined lines of color versus incoming gray. (Of course, if you are long overdue for color or, trying to grow out your hair, this product won't do.) My experience is that I need to re-order only a few times per year. Unless your scalp has very little hair, this will probably be sufficient for you. I have recommended Great Hair Day to others and they are very pleased with it. When a hair stylist suggested another product, I researched it and discovered that, if caught in the rain or, when sweating, it would actually drip off the scalp. No thank you! I will stick with this one.

Shades are labeled incorrectly

This product seems to do the trick and cover bare spots. Stays put, even if you touch the area on your scalp where it was applied. I'm extremely frustrated by poor color labeling of the product! There are reviews of this product on multiple sites where people complain about this. Word to the reader: "light blond" is really blonde. "Blonde" is really brunette and "brunette" is really black. Now I have a $37 mistake on my hands, as do many others. What a scam. Due to poor labeling..a fortune to be had by this manufacturer. Buyer beware.

confidence regained

this product is awesome - it has made me regain my confidence. although i have medium brown to dark brown hair, i use the blonde and it matches perfectly. the only gripe i have about this is it makes my scalp itch and it is messy and gets all over the place. i use a towel to cover the sink to avoid that problem, and use a medium blush brush instead of the brush provided, as it helps get more coverage. i couldn't live without this product.

Before and after photos...

Here are before and after photos. When I thought about purchasing this I wished I saw before and after photos, but I couldn't find any posted here, so here you go. I don't have thinning hair, but I have always had a receding hairline. It always makes me self conscious to put it up, so I was careful of how I placed my hair. And sometimes you could still see my scalp. I tried a brown eyeshadow but that made my scalp itch! I've had this on for an hour now and no itching so far. It only took me 15 seconds to apply it, if that. I don't know about longevity but other reviews stated on that. I will definitely use this product a lot!!

Worth the cost & shipping ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

Thank god for this item. Major interview today. Worked great. If you have the lighter version of red hair or medium shade of red. Get the blonde palate color.

by JENNIFER LOWE >> See more reviews


I don't use this product for gray hair. although I am certain it would work beautifully. I wear my hair up everyday, in a pony tail, side braid, ect. , and I have bangs and I hate how the line of my scalp looks so white, my hair looks so thin. so I bought this product thinking if that white line was darker i would appear to have fuller hair...I am so happy with this product. it takes about one minute to dab on that white line ( which is my scalp) and presto my hair instantly looks fuller. i have used it every single day for weeks and haven't even made a dent in the powder pallet. It will last for ages. worth every penny and then some . the blond is very dark brown so choose your shade carefully. ITS PERFECT.

Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Fill in Powder

I like that this "hair powder" came in a compact and less messy. It came in a VERY timely manner. I was very pleased with the experience. Because a friend, who bought the same thing on line, advised me, I ordered the "Blonde" instead of the DARKER color which I normally would have done, and the "Blonde" blended in perfectly with my darker brown hair. One would never know it was "blonde" on my scalp. I would advise anyone with thinning hair and "shiny spots" on the scalp to use this product. It definitely makes your hair look thicker.