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For the price-it's definitely worth a try!

For what it is, and for what also is out there for thinning hair-which isn't much-this product is definitely worth trying as long as you don't have total bald spots. As far as color goes, if your hair is medium to dark brown, go with the medium brown. As a professional hairdresser, I've come to learn that dark brown means almost black. Also, there's no need to buy all the 'accessories' and other products that they say you can use along w/this product. Just shaking the product on dry hair is all you have to do. And it really doesn't come off, not even on your pillow at night, until you shampoo. If you're skeptical, I'd say try the small size, it's like $18-and it will last pretty long. Then graduate the the larger if you like it.

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Listen, ladies. If your hair is thinning you MUST TRY THIS! I am thirty-five and have been balding for the last six or seven years. At first, I totally freaked out but I refused to accept that I would have to walk around bald with people gawking at me so I searched and searched and finally found this product (also marketed under the name Toppik made by the same company). Yes, there was a learning curve at first and there were times when I would not leave the house because I couldn't get it to look natural enough. But now I am an expert and leave the house every day with a full head of hair. No one I know has the remotest clue that I have a hair-thinning problem unless I tell them and when I do they are shocked. SHOCKED! They would never have guessed. I see people at work every day and they have no idea. I have had two boyfriends while using this product. The first one never had a clue about it. The second one didn't either, but I did eventually tell him. He's quite a hottie and I can tell you, although he is not too terribly shallow and didn't mind once he found out, he would not have dated me had I been baldish. Plain and simple. Sorry to say it, but it's true. And I don't blame him - that's just the world we live in. So this product has saved me utter humiliation AND it has saved my love life! Contrary to others' experiences with this product, it DOES get all over my pillow. I probably use more of it than other people though. I have white sheets and this is quite annoying. So get darker sheets; problem solved. Also, this stuff gets all over the bathroom sink and I have to wipe it off every few days. And if I'm really lucky it gets in my nostrils too. But I GLADLY suffer all of this because I can roam free in the world and look beautiful and I don't have to suffer. It does not, however, come off in the wind (you should use hairspray to keep it in place) which is a really good thing. Also, sorry men, but you must have some hair for this to work. You can't use it on a completely bald head. Do yourself a favor and try this stuff and if it doesn't look perfect, have faith and keep at it because I am quite bald and I can pass for not bald at all!

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Porduct is Green

I wanted to like this product due to all the great reviews that I had read on Amazon. When I ordered it through amazon sold by Costsell, it arrived very quickly. Excited to use it became a disappointment, the stuff made my hair green. I opened it up to see the color of the powder and it was green. I order the medium brown because I read that the dark brown was really black and that It was best to order the medium brown. I email Costsell with the problem and wanted a exchange and not a refund. They email me back and said due to the fact that I broke the seal, I couldn't get a exchange. What kind of crap company it this. How I am suppose to use it if I don't break the seal. They also said that they have sold the medium brown for 4 years and never had a problem and that the color couldn't have been green. If you do buy this product, don't buy it from them. BEWARE BEWARE!

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Fabulous Product!

This product has completely restored my self-confidence with regard to my thinning hair. It is so easy to apply and stays put all day long. In fact, it does not come off on my pillow at night either. A little goes a long way too. I'm a brunette and the medium brown is the perfect shade for me. Additionally, in between hair appointments to cover up my ever increasing silver roots, this product does a great job of doing that as well. Don't hesitate to buy this product. I am really grateful that I found it.

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This product has given me my self confidence back. People no longer look at my thin hair first.

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Thank you for this great product!

I am a 58-year-old woman with medium length dark brown hair. The hair is so thin that you can see big patches of pink scalp esepecially around the top of my head. While I'm not vain, I just hate looking like an old hag, especially because my job involved working with children and young parents -- I don't want them turned off by me before I even speak! Xfusion was recommended by my hairdresser and does a good job of hiding the pick scalp. My friends and husband assure me they can't tell it's there unless they get up really close and really look for it. What a great relief it is to feel confident and reasonably attractive again! Thank you!

This product makes me feel more confident!

I was feeling badly about my appearance when my hair started to thin after menopause. Someone told me about this product. I ordered it and found that it made a big difference. It is very easy to use and I find that it stays in place. I chose the medium brown color. It matches my color and the coverage is great. I am feeling much better about myself now - thanks to this product. XFusion Medium Brown LARGE 25 GRAM

works fairly well

I have a section of my head that has very fine hair because of radiation therapy, when my hair is short,it almost looks like i'm bald on one section. putting this on makes it look completely full. By the end of the day some of it is gone but for the most part, with wind even, it will stay in your hair. You'll want to shower at night so it doesn't get all over your pillow and bed. Kinda pricy but it does work.


With all the outstanding reviews on this item, I REALLY REALLY wanted to like it. And when I first got it and put it in my hair, I LOVED it. Until I started to notice it in sunlight. I looked like coffee grounds on my scalp. I felt like that character in Shallow Hal, if you have any idea what I'm talking about. Also, if you have a itch on your head - be careful to scratch - I ended up with a bit of a "bald spot" (white) that looked like I had just scratched off a scab. Ah, that's another thing, it feels very scaly on the scalp after it sits for a while. I'm not crazy about this product, and will instead stick with Bumble and Bumble hair powder (in brown). It can be a bit of a pain to deal with, but I at least know that it won't look like coffee grounds on my head, and it also gives my hair more volume.

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Great stuff

I love this product and the price is fabulous. I was paying double this locally. My hair has gotten thin on top and this is just what I needed to stop the "shine" from coming through.