Clear gel - clear gel .5 ounce.
Manufacturer: IBD
Size: 0.5 Ounces


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by Kris Dudzinski >> See more reviews

It does work.....

Someone gave this product a bad review saying that it never dries, even with a UV dryer.....It does work.....you just have to make sure that after you cure the nail with the UV light, you wipe off the tacky residue with the "cleanser plus". I LOVE the gel system by IBD. It's one of the easier systems to use and it applies a lot easier, to me.

GREAT for bad nails.

I have purchased and used this stuff. It is so easy to paint it on just like nail polish and then cure it for a few minutes in the UV light. There is a little stickiness afterwards, but is easily handled by a smear of rubbing alcohol. It dries to a smooth shiny finish. I did get a very little burn sensation at first during curing, but I have read that is due to normal shrinkage of the gel. I have very weak nails and am always looking for an easy way to keep them strong. This is working, and doing a fill is very easy as well. UPDATE: after wearing this stuff on my nails for many months now I have noticed that there is some tarnishing or darkening on one or two of my nails, so that if you didn't wear polish they would not look so good. If you do the acetone in a thick napkin or cotton, wrapped with foil or duct tape for half and hour, it starts to peel off and you can clip it away, to start over. That is what they mean by "soak off".

Works Just Fine

I bought the ibd starter kit. I already had a different model, older UV light. But I have had no problems using these products or getting my nails to dry. I am not a professional but I liked the ease of use so I can manicure my own nails.

by Stefani Buhajla >> See more reviews

The growth gap is a pet peeve of mine so I'm super happy. I had one nail pop off after ...

After searching out and trying multiple products for doing my own fake nails, I think I have finally found "the one." I am not a professional nail tech and I got very tired of having my nail bed drilled through by careless nail mills (no offense to those of you who take your craft seriously and care whether your customer is in pain). I did my nails 11 days ago and they still look fresh and bright. Because the product is thin and clear, you can't really see where they grow out. The growth gap is a pet peeve of mine so I'm super happy. I had one nail pop off after 2 days but I think it was user error. I don't think I properly filed and primed that finger. I redid it and haven't had any other problems. Make sure you cure it with your UV light between each coat. If you're going to paint them with gel polish, do not remove the sticky residue. There is no need to even file these nails if you're careful. Two notes 1) I used this with tips and it came out just fine. I used 4 coats 2) You do not need to buy expensive "cleaners" to take the sticky residue off of this product or any gel product. Rubbing alcohol does the same exact thing and you can get it for 98¢ at Kroger!

Does what it claims

I saw this product in a you tube tutorial. It definitly captured my attention. I bought it to try out my first DIY gel nails. I bought a cheap LED light (Kiss brand at Walgreens $30.00) for this DIY. The product dried very easily with this light although I did cure twice as the light is cheap. You will need to use a lint free cotton pad with rubbing alochol to clean off the sticky residue. I used REGULAR nail polish and a universal GEL top coat. My mani is chip free. I will use this product again and will likely buy it again, you get way more product for the dollar with this vs the bottled GEL FOUNDATIONS. It is very shiny and holds up well. I'm going to invest in a good 36w UV light and I'm sure I'll be even happier as I won't have to cure twice. I'm giving it a three only because I've only used it twice.

Practice Makes Perfect !

Gel worked wonderfully well Very easy to use and "stir-ring" before use will help. Cured 6 minutes under UV 36 watt lamp using kiss nail glue to attach a french nails. Learning to use the product correctly while watching >you-tube videos, made all the difference. No one can do your nails better than you, it may take practice but it sure makes perfect. UV Lamp 36 Watt Nail Gel Nail Cutting Tool Small Square Brush (you can re-use many times) Baby Wipes (lint free) to wipe off sticky residue after cured Rough File and Smoother file. No more trips to the salon -- nor lifting. Satisfied Customer!

good things come in small packages

I used this product and loved it. You only need a tiny bit its nice and thick. I will add that it must be used with a good UV lamp or it won't dry; but that is with any gel. It gives that nice lacquer shine and click sound that we girls all love. Also a FYI that after apply and dry you must rub excess gel off with acetone on a swab to take stickiness off and shows that luxury shine!

by Italoamericana >> See more reviews

Happy nails!

Let me start by saying I am NOT a professional nail technician. I use this gel for natural nail overlays, and to build out the edge a bit when one nail is shorter than the others. I wear them short and I like the added strength and gloss this gel provides. I cure it in an inexpensive LED lamp manufactured for home use, 2 minutes seems to work. YMMV. All these gel brands have their quirks but they are pretty easy to use with practice. My nails look very natural. This is my favorite by far.

My ibd gel and the wonders it creates

I am reading the "comments" and they all sound promising

by D. Holmes >> See more reviews

Applies easy but turns yellowish

I was very excited to try my own gel nails - yea, it does work good and it does dry under the UV light but after a day or so it turns into a yellow haze. And i only noticed because i ordered another brand and applied it on my ring finger. ~Claudia~