Vitamin C and manuka honey gel cleanser provides a deep, gentle cleanse while working to brighten skin tone, smooth texture and naturally renew damaged skin.
Manufacturer: Now Foods
Size: 8 oz


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Wonderful product...

As of late, I have been having some complexion issues. Due to blemishes, shifts in weather (a really dry month in Seattle), and hormones, I have frequent breakouts and scars from these episodes. Seeking less toxic solutions has been my way to work through this (in addition to wearing lots and lots of liquid foundation that melts away in heat!). Great things have been published about the benefits of manuka honey (in skin and in the body), so, I decided to give NOW Foods Gel Cleanser with Vitamin C and Manuka Honey a try. Since I have been very pleased with their line of cleansers and body oils, my sense was that this product would also be very pleasing. I was right in assuming this. This truly is a clear gel, that smells great (like fresh squeezed oranges). You apply and massage this to freshly moistened (with water) skin. You rub it in from 1-2 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse it off with water. My pores instantly felt cleansed and soothed. This is also supposed to minimize scarring - I haven't noticed a difference in this yet, but, I have only been applying it for about a week now. We shall see how things progress, in about a month's time. It always feels better, for me, to use products that do not add more garbage to my system - living in the big city and surrounded by poisons, anyway (pollution, etc). Another great product from NOW Foods, a company more people should really know more about.

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Great General Cleanser for combo or dry.

I have worked in many different facets of the skin industry (from a day-spa to a medical clinic) and this cleanser was suggested to me by one of the aestheticians. I have pretty decent skin to begin with, and a sensitivity to Vitamin C, however this cleanser is the right balance of the Vitamin C I need, and a cleanser that will do the day-to-day job. It is the perfect general cleanser for myself and my tween daughter. We both use it along with a moisturizer for maximum effect. We both have varying degrees of combo skin, she is getting the pre-teen break outs, that we are keeping at bay with this cleanser and the NOW foods red clay mask. I like not paying extra for fancy packaging or clinical sounding names. These are quality products with quality ingredients. Read the labels. Compare.

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... started using the cleanser a week ago and I love it. I love the smell and how it ...

I started using the cleanser a week ago and I love it. I love the smell and how it makes my skin seriously soft. I have acne prone skin and eczema and so far its gentle on my skin. I am noticing a reduction in the size of some stubborn cystic acne and my skin is healing rather quickly. I use it along with the manuka honey skin cream. I would recommend this product. I have tried tons of other products but my skin would get irritated and dry.

So awesome

Looooooove this!! Doesn't quite give me a deep clean feel but it's amazing for clearing up my blemishes and acne scars. I'm a picker My HG cleanser

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Gentle and Effective

I switched from Clinique to the NOW Vitamin C and Manuka Honey Cleanser and Acai Toner. They cleanse my skin without drying it out. I had some skin irritation from traveling to Asia for an extended business trip. These were the only products that helped. Very effective while staying gentle. Highly recommend!

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This Cleanser is just fantastic on the skin

This Cleanser is just fantastic on the skin. Brightens the skin and leaves your family so clean. Smells lovely and can be used as a body wash too. Only need such a small amount. Love Love Love


Pros: I love the orange scent! It is gentle on the skin. Cons: It does not lather as much as I would like. I feel like I have to use a lot to adequately clean my face and get a nice lather.

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I love and hate.

I love the smell and cleanse good. I only been using for a month off and on because it really doesn't brighten my skin. But it does subside my acne keep them for getting worst.

Good gentle cleanser

Very nice cleanser. Works well and good for sensitive skin. Removes make-up without being harsh. Actually I found it very soothing on my irritated skin. Would purchase again.

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New Skin

My skin looks totally fresh every morning after using it. It's not drying, but you must follow up with a moisturizer.