Feature: Design House: Dermalogica
Manufacturer: Dermalogica
Size: 0.33 oz


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Should not have changed the formula!

I have used the concealing spot treatment for a long time now, since they had the dropper with a glass bottle. I loved that much better than the pasty stuff in the new tube. I wish they would not have changed the formula to make it pasty. The coverage is not nearly as good for me and it doesn't work the same. I can't blend it as well with my make-up. I will no longer be purchasing this product. The search is on for something like the "old" concealing spot treatment. Bad idea Dermalogica...Bad idea!

Cannot live without this!

These are little tiny tubes but last a loooong time. This really works in drying up adult pimples and I could never live without this product!

Good product

Like this product, which is able to conceal spot and so on. Just that that the size is so small that i used up very quick.

by MandaLaine >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Perfect for open blemishes especially - it dries up the pimple very quickly!

by First Time Mommy >> See more reviews

Bring back the old formula!!

I completely agree with the previous comment!! The old formula was amazing. It instantly covered redness and took away shine. This new stuff isn't even the same color and it doesn't hide blemishes AT ALL. It looks very obvious, whereas the old one concealed perfectly but it didn't look like I was wearing anything. DON'T buy this new formula...if I find the old one in the glass jar, I'm buying several of them! The old formula gets 5 stars.

by Knute Fredholm >> See more reviews

Five Stars

My Son loves how it clears up his complexion!

by elizabeth >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Great for little breakouts

Does not blend in well with skin

It feels greasy and sticky on the face. I love Dermalogica products, but I was not a fan of this.