Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro-Gel Mask : This mask makes your skin soft and yonger with its snail extract which helps the dead cell get return to life. [How to use] 1. After cleansing, apply skin toner first. 2. Open the pouch and remove films. 3. Apply two pieces on your face. 4. After 20~40 min take off the mask and pat to absorb.
Manufacturer: Missha
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by Fellow browser >> See more reviews

A second-best version

I don't like it as much as "Cure". I tried it because of the better price, but I will finish it then go back to Cure Natural Aqua Gel. The concept is the same as Cure, but it is gummier. Cure is a clear gel that will stop "pilling" on your skin once you have removed the dead skin outer layer. This Missha continues to ball up and be gummy. If you try both products I think you would see what I mean. If you have never tried these format of exfoliators - then I would suggest starting with the highly rated Cure, even at the higher cost. If you use it on your face and neck only (not your body) then the bottle should last you a while. It is great to be able to get Japanese products on Amazon! The turnaround time does take a while (I am in California). Hopefully Amazon will start stocking some of the more frequently ordered products in their domestic U.S. shipping centers. Hint hint Amazon if you are listening!

by brenda hamilton >> See more reviews

I love this product

Great product. It peels immediately without leaving the skin red. I used exactly as directed on the package and had no problems. I will order this one again!

by Tayor Caldwell >> See more reviews

Actually I do love this stuff...

however, I tend to use it too much and then my skin becomes dried out and looks worse. I'm not really sure if it actually does do good in the long run. Wish I had taken 'before; pictures. Oh well. It is fun to use, but then be careful not to get it into your eyes because it HURTS!

by Eunyoung Ham >> See more reviews

I like it so far

I like it so far. It makes my skin smooth. However, it was not perfect as I expected. I have to use it two times when I peel my skin off.

If you're considering purchasing this, you NEED to get ...

If you're considering purchasing this, you NEED to get it! It's a peeling type exfoliant that really works to remove dead skin cells and leaves the skin baby soft. Definitely use a moisturizer afterwards.

Great peeling gel for sensitive skin

Absolutely love this peeling gel. It leaves my skin clean and well hydrated. Highly recommended for people who are looking for not too dry peeling gel.

Love this!

Love this, a bunch of dead skin cells comes out on my first use. It acts rather fast tho, I thought it would be a peeling gel that requires for the layer to dry first on you face, then peel it off. NOPE, this one doesn't work that way, it almost like a scrub, you put it on, and gentle scrub your face use fingers in a circular motion. It reacts really fast, a couple of scrub you can feel your skin is reacting to it and the dead skin cell balls start forming up, its kinda surpring. I'll keep on using it and see how it goes. Btw it did give me a burning sensation on my skin, not sure if that was normal, but it didn't stink or anything, and after I washed it off, my skin was fine, so I guess that was okay

by carmen garcia >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Leaves skin glowing and healthy looking


fair compared to other products.. nothing significant observed

really like it, and will continue buying

This is my second time ordering, really like it, and will continue buying it