First ever - Propylene glycol free. No aluminum, dyes or alcohol! PG free. With aloe and rosemary lemon! Propylene glycol free stick! Herbal Clear combines the gentleness of mother nature with a technological break-through that removes propylene glycol. O
Feature: First Ever....Propylene Glycol Free
Manufacturer: Herbal Clear
Size: 1.8 OZ
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by J. Salvatore >> See more reviews

Ahhh, color-free deodorant... FINALLY!

I have been on the hunt for a color-free deodorant for years because I simply hate the fact that American products HAVE to be certain colors in order to be "marketable." I buy as much color-free, perfume-free products that I can find... but deodorants have always been elusive, until now. This product has a pleasant smell, it's not "mountain fresh" or "Artic sport" (what ever that is), but has kind of a citrusy smell. It will last a full day of hard sweating. It does take some time for the armpits to adjust, as with any change in under-arm rub. If you like over-commercialized, gotta be blue/green, or needs to smell like a the beauty section of Macy's, this product is not for you. However, if you are looking for a good natural alternative, you won't be disappointed.

by Elaine MsElaineous >> See more reviews

Such a disappointment

I have been using "Herbal Clear" from 21st century vitamins for years. It's a great product but I have had trouble finding it lately so I purchased this. I thought, mistakenly, that it was the same product with a new design. I was sure wrong! No matter how long I had it on before I got dressed, the product ALWAYS, without fail, stuck to my clothes. When I would remove my shirt, I would have fabric stuck to me. It was not the clothes as I have had them years and worn them with the other product without problem. Please do not assume this is the same "Herbal Clear" that used to be sold in the yellow package.

by Chad D. Hummel >> See more reviews

Doesn't work at all.

This was my first try of a natural product. And not a succesful one at that. It works as well as using no deodorant at all. Apparently the aluminum or the pg is what makes deodorant work. I tried putting it on super thick, and maybe was good for a couple of hours and it's not even warm weather yet. Being a cancer survivor I am trying to use natural products, finding ones that work isn't easy there is a reason things are made with certain ingredients. I will try a natural deodorant again but not this brand. There were some good reviews, which I'm unsure how it worked for others. Fake reviews to increase sales? I don't know, but it's cheap enough to try it and find out for yourself.

by Mommy of Four >> See more reviews

Only natural deodorant that works for me!

I am so sad to find out that this deodorant has been discontinued. I have tried countless natural deodorants, and this is the ONLY one that works, and works well, for me. I'm not interested in Herbal Clear's other deodorants because they are not PG free. This is the only one that was. I'm very, very disappointed that it will soon no longer be available.

by R. Johnston >> See more reviews

Good alternative to chemical laden deodorants

I've used A&H Natural and recently learned they have nasty bi-products - despite their "natural" claim. Oh yes the other reason for trying this new product... AmericanWholesale never sent me the A&H product I ordered (slack). So far so good for Herbal Clear

by M. Bursuk >> See more reviews

Irritant free deoderant

I've been using this product for years and it works really well. Does not have any overbearing fragrance. I think it's great stuff.

by C. Harris >> See more reviews


Item is great. Herbal, smells good, goes on very easy, lasts long and it is better for you than other deodrants.

by Daniel Poh L. Tiu >> See more reviews


Very good product... Lasts a day