40 oz. Germ-X Hand Sanitizer
Manufacturer: Vi-Jon Laboratories, Inc.


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I am a deputy sheriff and carry this in our squad car. However, I buy this bottle for $4.00 from the local walgreens.

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~*~*~*~Great when you have Babies~*~*~*~

When my husband brought our Newborn Preemie Twins home from the hospital as with most babies everyone wanted to come visit them. While my husband was at Walmart he picked up 2 of these...they are much cheaper at Walmart than on here. Everytime that anyone came we asked them to wash their hands via soap & water but also asked them to squirt on some germ-x. You never know how well someone washes their hands. Obviously make sure it is dry before touching baby. We put one of these by the front door on a table so even anyone who just stopped in to drop something off and take a peek at the girls(people can't resist to touch babies) would normally get some germ-x w/out having to be asked or would get some when we asked. It was never a big deal. Don't ever feel bad or akward for making people wash their hands or use germ-x before they hold your baby(s). We also put one of these by our girls changing table. We are normally changing one girl right after the other and rather than run to wash your hands between changings, you can just use some of this. Afer we have changed both diapers then we'll go wash our hands w/ soap & water. We also have the tiny travel size ones...whenever they run out we just fill them up w/ these. We keep 1 in each of our cars, 1 in the diaper bag & 1 in my purse. We use this stuff all the time, it lasts a very long time. And it does not dry your hands out. This is not meant to replace you using soap & water after you have been working on an engine..DUH!! It is called germ-x, not grease-x. It also does NOT leave your hands feeling greasy. This is in reply to another reviewers comment.

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Good Stuff

This stuff works good. Doesn't dry your hands like soap and water. However, you can buy at WalMart BM for $5.12.

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Easy to use and effective

I have used this for a number of years both at home and in the office. It is easy to dispense and apply, will not dry out your hands, is convenient to use, and is effective at killing germs. Although this has only 63% antiseptic compared to 65% in Purell, I don't think that makes a significant difference for ordinary use (as opposed to an intensive care unit in a hospital, for example) and for me does not justify the extra expense of Purell. This is not a substitute for washing dirty hands. But if your hands are clean, it is so much easier to just squirt some of this on instead of using soap and water. Shop for price. I buy this at my local Costco for $6.

Good to have on hand

I keep an extra bottle or two of Germ-X on hand all the time. I use this big one to refill all my smaller ones. I keep an 8 oz bottle with a hand pump in my car. I also have the pocket-size bottles in my purses and keep them with me when I travel. I normally keep this big bottle in a cupboard, but when someone in my household is sick, you better believe it's out on my counter for easy use.

Great tricolsan free product

smells great and I love the fact it doesn't have tricloasn in it. I read that triclosan could be a carcinogen so I try to stay clear of that now.

Germ-X Gets XOXO

Frankly, this is the one we purchase because it is so readily seen in discount stores (i.e.Walmart and Target). As soon as July hits, these bottles are everywhere for the taking for teachers and germaphobics alike. It does smell mostly of alcohol, but I am not trying to impress anyone. It evaporates quickly, but if your hand is already even slightly damp during application, it can get tacky. Price is excellent at the above mentioned stores. General info: -Do not use on babies. -Can hurt wood and some fabrics. -We had ours for a year and a half before it expired. -When ours expired, there was only half an inch left in our 30 fluid oz. bottle after heavy use. The main reason I am reviewing this stuff is because I owe it a lot. I have fed stray cats for years, and this stuff has protected me so far from picking up any strange maladies from them. More importantly, my daughter's kidneys failed last spring. She did get three more illnesses quickly after that - two general kid viruses from schoolmates, and C. diff. This sanitizer prevented us from passing anything else to her. After all that, all I can say is that I love it and support it.

Oily, Greasy, Sticky....

I would not recommend this product to anyone. Purchased this at Walmart in 40oz and it's a horrible product. 1) Does not evaporate, as it should, while washing hands. 2) Leaves oily, greasy, sticky residue I have smaller travel size bottles of Purell hand sanitizer. It begins to evaporate the minute you wash your hands, it does not leave hands with an oily, greasy, sticky feeling... it smells great and also moisturizes. Same as the Purell travel bottles I'm using, but 33.8OZ http://www.amazon.com/Purell-Hand-Sanitizer-Original-LT/dp/B0085TFDHI/ref=sr_1_2?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1392515663&sr=1-2&keywords=purell+hand+sanitizer I'm sitting writing this while testing BOTH products... Germ-X .. is sticky and oily, I use Purell to wash off the Germ-X and my hands feel great. You may pay $1 or $2 more, but I say Purell is worth the premium price Wish I could give 0 stars, because 1 star is too much for this company. If I want oily hands I'll go dip them in my Benz oil pan.

Works Great! This Is The Best Sanitzer That I Tried!

Late 2012, I found this bottle on sale at my local drug store. Really made use of it during the cold and flu season. What I did was place some of this is a re-usable container and I kept it in my purse. Well the good news is that it worked and still works! So I did end up with a mild cold, but it went away in just 3 days. And now, I am still using this several times a day to clean my hands. Also, I when I cut up meat in my kitchen, I clean the knife, cutting board and cutting board. This stuff works! Great product, and it lasts for a long time.

It works, however there are better products

I have come to believe that they change the "recipe" for this from time to time. At times, it leaves my hands exactly as I want them to me. Clean, fresh smelling and no residue. Other times, it leave a residue that just feels sticky. It does work, but there are other products that are consistent and leave my hands feeling exactly like I want them to.