Whether you're trying to fit yet another styling necessity into a bathroom packed with beauty products, throwing your hair essentials into a duffel bag before spending a spontaneous weekend with your best friend or your best more-than-a-friend, or grabbing your purse and running halfway around the world to places where just finding a place to plug your hairdryer in is an adventure, The Curly Co. Collapsible Travel Diffuser is ready to go with you. The silicone construction is built to stretch and shrink to fit almost any hair dryer that accommodates attachments, and the flexible material lets you collapse your diffuser into a flat, packable shape that slips easily into your bag or the corner of your overstuffed suitcase, so you'll always be able to carry the tools you need to keep your tresses smooth, springy, and styled.

Connection Diameter: 2.25" Diffuser Diameter: 5.25"

The best part of The Curly Co. Collapsible Travel Diffuser?! It comes with the one and only The Curly Co. Guide, which is full of awesome tips, tricks, and styling techniques that help you bring out the natural beauty of your gorgeous curls.

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Color: Black
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Volume, definition, without lots of product - multiple days of fabulous looking wavy hair!

I've never used a diffuser until now and I can't believe what I've been missing out on. My hair dried so fast, with a fraction of the amount of product I usually use, and was not frizzy at all. It was bouncy and beautiful and I got so many compliments on my hair the first day I used it. I usually let my hair air dry with a bunch of product in it but in NYC Winters - that just doesn't work. And between not really using any product and the bounce and definition it gave me, I took a nap mid day and my hair still looked great! AND, I never ever get a second day out of my curly hair without washing it again. It still looked good when I woke up the next morning. Aside from that, it's well constructed, fits easily on my dryer, and Iove the feel of the soft silicone. So glad it's collapsible because this will be coming on my many trips with me. Super happy with this product! And because it's so affordable, all my friends and family with curly hair will be getting one as a gift this year.

by Goldilocks >> See more reviews

This Diffuser Works Wonders!

I don't have the curliest hair, but this diffuser has done serious wonders for these locks! Seriously. It is so easy to slip on my blow dryer, and it stays put! My hair was dry in no time with next to NO frizz! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me!! Plus I loved that little Curly Co. Guide - so cute and such helpful tips! Can't wait to get more Curly Co. products! #frizzfreelife

I wanted to like this...

I really wanted this to work for me as I love to travel and this diffuser would take up much less space than my regular one. Alas, it isn't going anywhere with me. This unit suffers from the same issue as others of its kind: it collapses too easily against your head when you're trying to use it. The merest touch against your hair causes it to buckle, so you have very little control over the diffuser. Additionally, the "fingers" that protrude from the bottom don't protrude nearly far enough, nor are there enough of them, to adequately hold/lift the curls or to help separate them into a soft, piece-y style. The diffuser DID diffuse the air stream from the dryer, but it didn't facilitate styling like my regular one does. Lastly, the opening that fits over the dryer barrel is very small, so it wouldn't fit over 3 of 4 dryers I tried. (I'm also in the market to replace my dryer.) I hope someone does come up with a workable travel diffuser. Unfortunately, for me anyway, this one doesn't cut it.

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I love the way this made my hair not as frizzy

I love the way this made my hair not as frizzy!!! The o my downside is when it gets hot it does tend to collapse a little bit not a huge issue.... All in all it's pretty good!!!! ****

This diffuser is perfect for travel or just for easy home storage

This diffuser is perfect for travel or just for easy home storage. It's simple to expand the diffuser to use and then simply collapse it to store. It is a major space saver, especially for travel where saving space is so important. I have curly hair, so a diffuser is a great tool for blow drying but they can be big and bulky. This diffuser still has the wide mouth so you get the most out of it, but because its collapsible it can lay flat and take up much less space. This diffuser can adapt to most hair dryers. It's made well, with strong durable material, and most importantly it works like a charm. If you have curly hair a diffuser will change your blow drying experience forever. This is a great product. I received this product for free for my honest unbiased review.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Great for curly hair

These are great for people with curly hair it defines your curles and takes all the frizz out now you don't have to put so much product because these diffusers do the job ! I love how they collapse and fold away for easy storing I got to try this for a discounted price in exchange for this review

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

great for smaller hair dryers

I was really excited to get this diffuser as an extra diffuser in case mine broke down but sadly it wouldn't fit my hair dryer. I have a ionizer hair dryer. I was able to snag my daughters hair dryer that no longer worked and it fit that fine. My suggestion is to make sure this fits your dyers. Since this is slotted for travel I guess it would fit on the smaller hair dryers including the kind you find in the hotel rooms. I have a large hair dryer and it wouldn't fit it so that could be the reason why it didn't fit mine but fit my daughters which was for her to take back and forth to school when she was on the swim team. I love how this is collapsible and also has nice rounded teeth so you hair does not get snagged while being dried. I actually hope to see this company come out with a larger one for larger dryers like mine so that it can be used by those who don't travel as much. Great product for those who travel and want to keep their curls under control. I received this product as part of a promotion in order to facilitate an honest and unbiased review.

My curls haven't looked this good in years

This diffuser works really well. My curls haven't looked this good in years. I have been using the diffuser that came with my hair dryer- and this works so much better. I also love the fact that it travels well and I don't have carry my own hair dryer when staying in hotels. I love this product!

by Tracey M. >> See more reviews

Great for travel!!

I've been looking a long time for a good diffuser to take when I travel. Most were way too large and never fit the hotel hair dryers, and the sock diffusers never worked well for me. This collapsible one is great! I couldn't believe that it actually fit my small travel hairdryer, it was a little too snug at first, so on the inside of the rubber rim I trimmed off a little of the black rubber tabs and it fit perfectly! I especially like that the diffuser nozzle is rubbery and clings to the end of the hairdryer instead of shooting off the hair dryer like a rocket. I'm also thrilled that it's collapsible and doesn't take up a lot of room in my travel bag. This was definitely a good purchase and one that I will get a lot of use out of on my travels!!

Works well, stays on the blow dryer without falling off.

So far I am enjoying the Curly Co. collapsible diffuser. The diffusers that come with blow dryers always seemed to fall off, and they took up so much space in the drawer. This fits nicely on my hair dryer and collapses when I want to store it, and I don't even remove it from the dryer. The diffuser works well and my hair seems to be fluffier ,with defined curls, which is always my goal. I look forward to being able to take this with me when I travel, so that is a nice bonus.