Model C30 - Maximum flex and sizing provides stronger direction even with large sub-sections. The comb necessary for moving, controlling and elevating heavy, thick and coarse hair.
Manufacturer: Cricket
Size: 1 pc


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by pennybins >> See more reviews

These combs are great for NO static electricity

These combs are great for NO static electricity. I even use them on my cat. I have many of them.

by AprilMable >> See more reviews

Great for Ethnic Hair

Just what I needed. Using it a joy, as I part my hair and oil my scalp 4-5 times weekly. The ends of the teeth have a little bit of a ball...making this relatively gentle yet effictive on the scalp. My hair is thick even when straightened and the wide end goes thru smoothly enough. Will try more from this brand.

by Curatolo Cristina >> See more reviews

Coming back 2 months later to say more

I bought the 4 pack combs. This one I loved how works with hair and was heat resistant...until my teacher showed me a "trick" for detangling my mannequin and broke 1 tooth. I do not know how was possible, but... this is the reason for 3 stars instead of 5, as much as I thought for 2 months that deserves.

by kevin vaughn >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Grabs every hair and makes it smooth

The comb is great but its not so good for my thin hair.

this would be excellent for thick and slightly curly hair. In my case the hair I have is thin and it doesn't quite pull my hair as much as I would like it to.

Five Stars

Great comb!!!

by LaTonya D. >> See more reviews

Good Comb.

I love this comb. It's great for my daughters hair. No static at all.

by Christy Martin >> See more reviews

Five Stars

It's good.

by Florence Patricia Thompson >> See more reviews

What a waste of money.

I see no difference in this comb and a comb that I would purchase in a dollar store. For me, this was a total waste of my money.