The Back Acne Bundle includes our award winning back acne treatment & Plush Body Brush®.

Powderma® Acne Treatment is an advanced medicated powder that absorbs the dirt, oil & bacteria clogging your pores. Unlike other acne treatments, Powderma addresses the root cause of acne, which is your skin's over-production of oil [sebum] that clogs your pores and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Powderma® also includes anti-microbial properties that help heal existing blemishes and inhibit the growth of bacteria, preventing future breakouts from ever occurring.

Also included in the Back Acne Bundle is our Plush Body Brush®, which was specifically designed as a healthy alternative to bristled bath brushes. Those brushes are typically made from hard plastic or pig's hair, which can create micro-tears in your skin. That leads to broken capillaries and provides an ideal location for bacteria to invade, making your back acne worse. The Plush Body Brush® overcomes these health concerns by featuring a large soft spun cotton head that is cushioned for extra softness and contoured to fit the curves of your body.

Dermatologists report the vast majority of their patients see a significant improvement within days. However, if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Don't lose another day of happiness to acne. It's time to experience life with clean, clear skin.

Powderma in non-comedogenic and does NOT contain talc, parabens, waxes, oils, dyes, perfumes, or phthalates. Powderma is non-greasy and will leave your skin feeling smooth to the touch. Both Powderma Acne Treatment and our Plush Body Brush® are made in the U.S.A. From everyone at Powderma, we would like to thank you for supporting American jobs.
Manufacturer: Powderma
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This is a great and beneficial product

This is a great and beneficial product! I used to have terrible acne (on my face and shoulders) that prevent me from wearing what I wanted and taking a lot of photos. I tried almost everything and Powderma is the first product that actually worked. It isn't harsh on the skin (So, it doesn't cause irritation or make the acne work). Helps skin heal quickly and lasts a long time. I also like that it doesn't have a strong smell. So, it's great for daily use and the body brush makes a great addition!

by Bashil Singh >> See more reviews

Awesome combo

My favorite product even got better. I have been using the powderma acne treatment for weeks now and am very pleased with the results. When i saw that it now comes with a back brush, i had to try it. The acne treatment is a great product for itself but the brush makes everything so much easier. It simple to use and reaches every spot that your hands cant. Every easy to clean also and soft on your skin

by Serenity Perry >> See more reviews

Perfect Purchase For Me

I was looking for a product for my particular skin (which always needs to be moisturized) and this was perfect! Most products did the job but left my skin dry. This treats it. My back has been feeling smooth lately. I love that feeling (: Additionally this product cam with a plush brush to scrub your back. The quality is great. No problems at all.

Acne is gone

I had the embarrassing problem of back acne and there was no getting rid of it,it seemed. Then one day i was browsing amazon and found this treatment,bought it,tried it,it worked! Just used during every shower and the acne gradually disappeared. Buy this product you won't regret it.

by Natalie henry >> See more reviews

Love this product

This product has done wonders for my skin problem,I've tried many products but none has worked as good as this one. I use it in the shower its easy and fast and gets rid of my unsightly back acne. Highly recommend buying this product its great.

It did great for my husband

It did great for my husband...he had tried every over the counter to help with his back . From the physical pain to his comfidence.He went to the dermatologist and received an antibiotic that was just a temporary relief. I searched online and found this, he loves is worth the price for him to be pain free and confident. A little goes a long way, Saw an imediate differnce after using daily aprox a wk. After the initial clear up he could even go every other day to not dry out, one bottle last him just about a month It is a fine chalky power substance. May suggest someone with respiratory to take a step back. Just ordered our second bottle.....will see.....

by Christopher B Kern >> See more reviews

Its been about a week and its slowly but surely ...

Its been about a week and its slowly but surely is clearing my acne. My acne flared up after I became pregnant with my second. (The doctor also says this is safe if anyone is wondering) It does seem to dry my skin out so I took off a star. However, it may be my own fault from over using. Hopefully my acne clears up completely soon enough.

This has gotten rid of my back acne

I got this as a gift from my mom. I have been dealing with back acne for a couple years now and think that it is hormonal. I have tried tea tree washes, acne treatments for face and a bunch of home remedies like soaking in Epsom salts but nothing really works. It’s an annoying problem especially when you work out and stay in shape but can’t wear tank tops or a bikini because your back is covered in acne. I have stayed with this regimen for about a month and literally nothing else has worked like this. I noticed an improvement probably after a week and after a month the acne is gone. It’s pretty easy to fit into my bathing routine and the brush included has helped to exfoliate the skin on my back and I think has really help to fade the acne scars. This has been a lifesaver. I wore a bikini to the beach recently for the first time in a looong time and didn’t worry about people staring at yucky acne. Great!

by Christopher Churan >> See more reviews

Clean face treatment that works well

This is a good product to use if you have pesky acne. With varying acne products surfacing in the market, it is hard to understand which one actually works effectively. The best ingredient for acne is benzoyl peroxide, which this product has. The pads in this product allow for smooth clean skin and it certainly helps reduce the harmful bacteria from skin. Good product to use regularly for a clean face.

by Angela Holmes >> See more reviews

Love it!

I bought this for my daughter Ashley because she's self conscious about her back acne. We've tried all sorts of products and home remedies but nothing seemed to work quite right. Then one of my girlfriends who has a similar problem recommended this for her. Ashley tried it and it definitely showed results very quickly. I'm very happy with the purchase and suggest it to anyone who struggles with the problem. (So does Ashley) (: I was also tempted to try it and got my own kit. It didn't take long for my back to feel smooth and clean. Good luck everyone!