Infinity Hair Fibers , for Women & Men, provides the appearance of Thicker, Fuller Hair in 30 seconds or less. The Infinity Hair Building Fibers can be applied using the shake top method or use Infinity Hair Fiber Pump Applicator to apply the Infinity Hair Building Fibers to apply with directed precision and control especially for the hair line and sides. Finish with the Infinity Fiber Locking Spray to seal the fibers down and provide light hold and shine to your hair which give you that polished look leaving your hair with a completely natural appearance. How to Apply: STEP 1) Wash, Dry and Style hair as usual STEP 2) Hold the Infinity container a few inches above the thinning area and Shake or Pump the hair fibers. Apply Infinity Hair Fibers with either/both application methods: Shake: Shake the Hair Fibers onto the thinning area. Slightly pat hair between shakes to receive maximum coverage. Pump Applicator: Remove shaker top. Screw on pump to bottle. Direct applicator towards hair. Press pump to dispense fiber. Apply the Infinity Fiber Locking Spray to lock the hair fibers into place until the next shampoo. STEP 3) Slightly pat hair between shake to receive maximum coverage STEP 4) Once satisfied with your coverage, finish with the Infinity Fiber Locking Spray for a natural looking hold and shine. The Infinity Hair Fibers stay in place until the next shampoo. Hair fibers, hair building fibers, hair loss concealer, hair fiber spray, hair fibers applicator, hair fibers
Manufacturer: Infinity
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very, very please!

Great product. Never heard of this product , stumbled on it while looking up Toppix. I bought both. For me Infinity is better than Toppix for the following reasons: you don't have to use as much, it is non irritating to certain scalp conditions, finer fibers for more natural look, tiny fibers sift into the hair easier. Yes these sift onto your hair not drop in one spot& clump like Toppix. I suggest you shake the bottle well before applying & make sure the surface near you is covered as the fine fibers can get on nearby surfaces (easy to wipe up). My hair look darker, fuller , thicker. Between the fibers & the spray, my style stayed for days looking full. .I would buy this again & again. The Infinity spray has great hold even in humidity with or without using fibers..

by Jane Lifter >> See more reviews

Amazing and INSTANT RESULTS for my Alopecia Problem!

I am a female with thinning hair because of Alopecia. I started to thin about 15 years ago and I have tried every thinning hair shampoo, conditioner, pill, cream and etc and nothing helped me at all. I am very, very thin on top and towards the front of my hair line. I was just about purchase a wig because my confidence was very low. I was reading an article about Infinity Hair Fibers and how it instantly convers up the thinning spots. I figured why not give it a try and I did. I ended up ordering the Infinity kit which came with everything that I needed. The Infinity kit includes (I think these products are all sold separately on Amazon now): (1) Hair Fiber (1) Fiber Pump Applicator (1) Infinity fiber locking spray My Process: 1) I style my hair completely first so I know exactly where the thinning areas are at 2) I use the shaker top the Infinity bottle comes with on the crown of my head first to get the most coverage 3) I lightly pat in between shakes 4) When I am completed with the shaking method on the crown area – I then remove the sifter top from the Infinity botte and screw on the Infinity Pump Applicator so I can apply to the front and side areas of head with direct precision 5) When I am finished apply the Infinity fibers – I use the Infinity fiber locking spray to help hold the fiber into place. I found that I hold the spray about 12 inches away so the locking spray mists onto the fibers. I keep the Infinity fibers in for 2-3 days without any problems. It simply shampoos out. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Infinity hair fibers!!! What am amazing product!

"I'm still out on this one"

I purchased this awhile back and have waited to give a review because I want to be honest when providing an opinion. I depend on Amazon reviewers opinions for so many things I purchase and do my best to provide the same honesty. I purchased this because I have had a thin spot around my edge for over 20 years .I researched Youtube and Amazon trying to decide which product was the best to use for my hair problem. I decided to go with Infinity. Applying it was ok not great but ok you can purchased things to apply it which I didn't I just applied it directly to the thinning spot from the bottle. It did blend in an cover the thinning spot but it kind of looked dull so follow directions as stated on the bottle. A little moisturizer or gel as I used takes care of of that problem.. I did notice it looked greenish outside in the sunlight, needless to say no one noticed. I used it several more times because it did cover the thin area. why I give it a 3 is because since using the product Ive become bald only in that spot, I stop using it and the hair started to grow back to the point where it was before. I started using it again and the same thing happened again. This isn't to say it will happen to you, but it's been my experience. Last time I wrote a review like this Amazon did not post it.. I hope this will be posted...

by Lisa Ralston >> See more reviews


I have been noticing that my hair is thinning out as I grow older and I absolutely hate it. There are many hairstyles I cannot wear anymore because of this. My hair is just not thought enough to hold the style. Some days I just want to shave my head and be done with it. I am so glad I ran across this project!! I used this according to directions and it definitely thickened up my poor skinny hair (too bad the rest of me isn't as skinny as my hair) This is the first time in a while that I have been able to get height to the top of my hair and that is AWESOME. My hair doesn't look painted on my skull when I use this. I will be' a customer forever now! I received this for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I test and scrutinize products I review to the best of my ability, in order to help you make an informed decision. My loyalty is to fellow buyers above all, so I post reviews for all products received for free or at a discount, even if they are less than positive. If anything should change in my opinion of the product, I will update it so that you have the most up to date information. Please feel free to ask any questions.

by tomica washington >> See more reviews

100% Coverage of my bald spot!!! Amazing!!!!!

Years of wearing weaves and wigs completely damaged my hair. The outer parts will grow but the center never does. Therefore I had to cut it all off to catch up with the rest but still the middle won't grow. My fiancé came across a video showing people with severe hair loss and the results of a product that they used to fix that problem. I decided to look into it myself and came across Infinity Hair Building Fibers. It's a product used to conceal thinning hair. I purchased it and was desperate to see what results I could get. I chose medium brown because I'm dying my hair soon and that's the color it's going to be. I still tried the fibers out and surprisingly it covered my bald spot completely! The fibers are released from the bottle like a salt shaker. It's very easy to apply and just as easy to clean up. I was amazed at my results. It covered the entire area where my hair was once bald. The bottle does recommend a spray to keep the fibers in place but I didn't use anything and it still worked. I take pride in my appearance and with the help of these fibers I now have the confidence to wear my own hair now!! * I received this product at a highly discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. These opinions are 100% my own.*

Excellent Results! Wish the bottle was clear, but other than that, no complaints at all!

This stuff by Infinity is fantastic. I ordered the 14g bottle in Dark Brown and it matches my hair color perfectly. I read through a ton of reviews prior to ordering and there was some mention about it making people's hair look dusty or dirty, but my experience with this product was completely different. It literally blends in with my hair and you can not tell at all that it's on there, other than my hair looks fuller. I have always had very fine, curly hair. It is not balding by any means, thank goodness, but I do have a cowlick on the top that has always bugged me, and my part isn't as full as I wish it was. Most of us dream of having Kardashian hair, but I'd settle for no thinning part on the top! I have never looked into a product like this or even thought of purchasing one, but I had the chance to purchase this at a promotional price to test out and review. After using it several times by now, I am a lifer. I really didn't think I was going to love this stuff as much as I do! I have never tried any other competing brands, so I don't have anything to really compare this stuff too, but I can tell you I am pleased with Infinity. It has accomplished exactly what I needed it to accomplish and as far as results, it works perfectly. Now, for the reason I removed a star. With these fibers being so lightweight, and with bottle not being clear in color, I can't really tell how much I have left. Because it's feather weight fibers, It's almost impossible to shake the bottle to gauge where you are and if you are due to restock. I absolutely LOVE this product and want to continue using, but how am I supposed to know when I'm getting close to running out so I can purchase a new bottle? I guess I could guesstimate, but with this being my first time using Infinity hair fibers, I'd have to go through a couple bottles first before I can really know. I don't have many thinning areas to cover, just my part up top, but if your someone who has a lot to cover, you may want to opt for the largest bottle available. I need to do some more research to find out if there is an easier way to apply besides shaking bottle on my head. I believe I saw something about a pump Infinity sells, so I may look into purchasing that if it makes application smoother. I do have to point out that I am seriously impressed with how NON messy this product is to use. I literally shake the bottle on my head and the fibers apply right where I need them to without flying everywhere. The fibers bind together as to not make for a messy situation all over the countertop. The fact that there is no mess and all of the fibers make it to the place you apply, is excellent. If I was wasting a bunch of product on top of what I mentioned above about not being able to see how much I have left, I don't think I could manage. Although this stuff is priced really well for the excellent results it's given me, I still don't want to pay that much to waste half on my bathroom counters. You can rest assured, there is no waste with this product though, it all makes it to the right spot! Overall, as you can see from my photos uploaded, this product works amazing. Helps make thinning spots look fuller with no mess, and no fibers running down your face. Everything stays in place until you wash it out. I am no longer self conscious about my cowlick and that alone makes this product a winner for me personally! I received this product for free in exchange for honest feedback.

by Jan Yturri >> See more reviews

Great for thinning hair

This is a great product - It hides thinning spots making my hair look fuller. I highly recommend it to anyone whith this problem

by Emily Dickenson >> See more reviews

Color and Fibers Not Natural Looking

This product is gritty and does not look natural at all. The color is more black with no hint of brown.

by Brandice Labadie >> See more reviews

Amazing Product for Those with Fine or Thin Hair or Bald Spots

I have never struggled with balding spots, but I do have thin fine hair. I never knew there was a product out there like this. My part is a very wide part so I thought that I would use this product to thicken up the hair around my part so that my part doesn't look so wide. I have highlighted hair but my roots are dark brown and really starting to show so I struggled with which color to purchase. I ended up opting for Medium Brown since my natural hair is dark brown. When I received this product, I was shocked at how small it was. I had no idea what to expect as far as size, but it was smaller than expected. When I saw the color on the top of the lid, I was worried that I ordered one shade too dark, but I gave it a shot anyway. When I took the top off, I was pleased to find that the container is actually like a salt shaker, with small holes, so that you can sprinkle the fibers right onto your hair without fall out or a huge mess everywhere. Today I parted my hair like normal and dried it. I read the other reviews and some people had made mention of using hairspray to hold the fibers in place so before I applied, I sprayed a little dry shampoo to my part area to create a foundation for the fibers to stick. Then I began to shake away and rub them in until I felt like I had enough fibers. Surprisingly, the color was perfect. I couldn't believe how much "hair" it added to my part line. I never realized how wide my part was until I saw it filled in! This product even helped to conceal the fact that I need my hair done terribly. This is a great product that I would highly recommend. I will definitely continue using and will purchase again. You can see my Before and After pics. The top pic is obviously with no fibers. The bottom pic is after I had applied the fibers. You can tell how much thicker my hair is. The picture to the right is after I backcombed my hair and you can tell the fibers stayed in place nicely. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.

Love love love this product!!!

This product is amazing! My husband has been using Rogaine on his hair for the last 20 years it really hasn't helped very much, He still has a bald spot, We tried this product you can see from the before and after pictures how well it worked. Just did a little shake shake Pat Pat shake shake Pat Pat and Abracadabra like magic there's hair! My husband's hair is kind of light brown and gray Infinity hair fibers matched up perfect. I saw the other reviews saying that the color was dull or even greenish color. Not the case so my husband. Can't believe were talking about the same product. No kidding the stuff is absolutely amazing. We didn't have the finishing spray so I just used hairspray it worked fine. I love Amazon. And I love products. And I buy a lot!. I did receive this product at a reduced cost for my unbiased and honest opinion. I probably would never have bought this product otherwise. But I am so glad I did. This is the first time in over 20 years that my husband does not have a bald spot on the top of his head. It looks absolutely natural no kidding! The product does not rub off it stays on your head and does not come off on your clothing or your bed sheets. It does not come off until you wash your hair. When this product runs out we will definitely purchase it again. $25 is small price to pay for not having a bald spot. I highly recommend this product and I hope that you like it as much as we do thank you Infity!