Micro-Diffusion Technology, Humidity Protection, Extra Strong Hold
Manufacturer: Loreal


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Amazing- love this hairspray!

I have been using Aveda's "Air Control" and "Control Force" hairsprays for the past 2 years, but find the first to only really be good for flyaways, and the second to be too sticky. They're also very expensive! Multiple fashion magazines rated l'Oreal Elnett hairspray #1 for flexible hold in 2012, and since it's so reasonably priced, I decided to try it. After reading the reviews on the strange scent of the original version of this hairspray, I decided to pay a couple extra dollars for the unscented. It still has a smell, but I wouldn't call it a "scent," and it wears off quickly. I have SUPER fine hair, and this hairspray has been amazing so far at taming flyaways all day, as well as helping hold styles firmly in place. It also disappears when you brush it out, so you can start over if you change your mind about your hairstyle, without your hair being soaked in sticky product by the time you're done. I love this hairspray, and I'm going to recommend it to all my friends!

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Best flexible hairspray (but get the UNSCENTED version!)

I've tried a lot of hairsprays over the years and normally gravitate towards products like Big Sexy Hair Spray 'n Play harder when I need something to really hold my hair. This sounds ridiculous, but I saw one of the O.C. Housewives using this (and her hair is gorgeous and not stiff at all) so I thought I'd give it a try. WOW. Not only does it hold my hair when I curl it, it's also totally flexible so I don't look like I have helmet head. AND, it brushes out completely without leaving residue. And the biggest reason I love this product is becuase I'm a brunette and it doesn't turn my hair chalky or cause product buildup. If I don't like my hair after I've styled and sprayed it, I can brush through it and all of this product is GONE. No dust, no buildup. It's like starting from new. It also works great when I straighten my hair. If you run into wintertime static like I do, a few shots of this will keep your straight hair under control. And again, it does it without making your hair look sprayed. I actually liked this product so much that I signed up for the "Subscription" option (auto ship). The one thing I will say is that you want to get the UNSCENTED version of this. I accidentally bought the scented version and the smell was horrible... it's way too strong and as I've seen in many other reviews, it has an "old lady" perfumed scent to it. The smell lasts all day, and if you're sensitive to scents like I am, the scented version will give you a killer headache. Definitely stick with the unscented version. It still has a slight scent but no more than other hair sprays.


I should start off by saying I'm a dude, not a chick, and my hair style is kind of long, hockey player hair, which I keep messy during the weekend, but slick back Gordon Gekko style during the work week. I Bought this product for the first time at a drug store, not at Amazon (just by chance), and I love it. I made the move from a $4 hairspray that I didn't mind too much at all (Tresemme), but wanted to see what I would get by spending some more money on hairspray. Did some research and came to the conclusion that the best one to try first was this stuff--and I was not disappointed! I bought the unscented version, because of all the reviews claiming the scented extra strong version of Elnett smelled terrible. It isn't completely unscented, it actually has a very pleasant, light, subtle smell to it that I really like. Compared to my old, cheap hairspray, this stuff doesn't leave a waxy funny looking residue--it makes my hair look more natural and holds down stray pieces much better. The most notable thing about this stuff, and I'm not sure if it's what it's made of or the diffuser, or both, but it sprays on very nicely and evenly. It is also kind of pliable, so you can actually spray on a layer, let it dry for a minute, and re-work your hair a bit, then finish it off with another spray layer (as opposed to other hairsprays that harden your hair, such that once you spray on a layer, you will essentially be cracking and messing up your hair style). Until I find better, this semi-pricy stuff is where it's at, and totally worth the extra $10!

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not unscented!

The product claims it is unscented, but it has a very strong smell and I think the claim is actually dishonest as parfum/fragrance is listed in the ingredients.

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Does a good job on my hair

This hairspray lives up to its reputation. I wear a chin length hairstyle with light waves (hot rollers) and I have a lot of hair but it is very fine in texture and tends to get wild. 1. It's scent free --well, what passes for scent-free I don't have a problem with it and my sensitivity to fragrance. 2. The mist is fine and droplet-free 3. It holds all day; looked at my hair after a simply TERRIBLE day at work and it was still fairly in place 4. You can run a brush through it without sticking The mist is fine and it has a light hold. If you are looking for lacquer to hold your hair against wind and rain, this isn't it. This is lighter styling hold. The "extra-strong hold" is probably an exaggeration. I found that the Aveda spray Control Force holds a lot better, if strong hold is what you are looking for. I like some spray control, with a soft finish and this provides it.

Unscented?? Smells awful!

I'm not sure how L'Oreal gets away with calling this spray unscented. It is absolutely one of the cheapest, 'stinkiest' smelling hairsprays I've ever used. I sprayed in on this morning, and this afternoon I'm still wondering if everyone around me wonders if I got into my Aunt Rose's Eau de TOILET perfume from the dimestore. Truly, to my nose, it is unbearable, and I can't wait to get into the shower and wash it out! As to hold and performance, I think it's okay, but I won't be wearing it long enough to really speak to that. The only actually unscented hairspray I've found is SALON GRAFIX HR SPR SUPER HOLD Size: 10 OZ [Health and Beauty]. Although I'm not crazy about the hold, I'll be going back to that tomorrow, and keep searching for my holy grail hairspray!

Best hair spray ever..hands-down....

I've always had some difficulty with hair sprays actually keeping my hair style exactly where I want it. Not so with L'Oreal Elnett Extra Strong Hold. I have been buying this over and over. Actually, I can't foresee me ever wanting to buy a different hair spray! The does not weigh my hair down or make it sticky - at all! The scented ones have a strange smell (to me) but most people tell me they don't smell it at all. So I prefer the unscented formula. It holds perfectly, easy to brush through without losing curl and leaves shine. Also works well to spray at the base of your hair before teasing, or on hair before putting in Velcro rollers, etc. This is better than Big Sexy Hair which is more expensive.

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I had bought the original scented version which smelled like an old lady. The hold was decent but I couldnt get past the scent. When I saw this in a unscented version I decided to try it out again. Needless to say it still has a scent. It has a strange smell. I wont buy this again for the 3rd time.

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Love from a no-spray person!

I am not a 'hairspray' person, but now I have a cut that looks best if I use a little spray. I tried a few different brands and seriously disliked them, mostly because of the smell. In reading Amazon reviews I decided to try this, even though it said 'extra hold.' This spray has turned out to be better than I could ever have expected. There is NO scent, and don't worry too much about the extra hold. Yes, it may be 'extra', but it doesn't look that way (no helmet head) and it nicely brushes out leaving hair feeling like no product was used. Now I am subscribed to receive it. My only wish is that there were a smaller size for travel.

Slight smell for a few minutes but it goes away.

I have a fragrance allergy and am thrilled to have discovered this product! It does have a mild smell when sprayed on, which I dislike. But the smell goes away quickly and I do not catch a wiff of any fragrance while going about my day. So there is a mild annoyance at first but is just fine after that. It is a 4.5 stars rather than a 5 because it does have some fragrance in the first few minutes. It held well and did just what I wanted. Yay! I have hairspray after 20 years without it! If they would ditch the fragrance altogether, it would be amazing.