Botanical Name: Prunus dulcis
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Origin: USA

All-organic, 100% pure oil. It is great for all skin types. Sweet almond oil is pressed and refined from raw almond kernels. It acts as an emollient, smoothing, softening and re-conditioning it. It works great as a carrier oil and it works just as well in combination with other body care products. The oil is rich in fatty acids, and it's smell isn't nearly as powerful as what you would normally get from other carrier oils.

Recommended Usage:
* Lotions & Creams: 5 - 20 %
* Balms: 5 - 100 %
* Bar Soaps: 5 - 20 %
* Hair Conditioners: 2 - 5 %

Manufacturer: Dr Adorable Inc
Size: 12 Ounces
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Great for my son's eczema...

I purchased this because my 5 year old son has been recently diagnosed with eczema. I didn't want to use the stereoid cream every time he had a flare up. Even the dermatologist that prescribed it for us said it can't be used on a regular basis. I have been using this Sweet Almond Oil on him every night and after every bath. No more flare ups, and now only calm skin. Yay!!!

Excellent and healthy essential oil

This oil is excellent for it's medicinal properties as well as the service etc. from this vendor. I have read this works for under eye circles and I have noticed it has helped a lot in a short amount of time. It's also great for acne (if you can believe it) but believe it. I have acne prone skin. People are afraid of oils for the skin, but it's some of the best stuff you can use on your face. I swear by it and it's a lot more affordable than some of the other garbage (chemicals) that people are using on their skin for quadruple the money. I HIGHLY recommend. Do a google search about Sweet Almond oil, you will be amazed. It's great stuff!

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Great Moisturizer for face

After having gone all natural with cosmetic products, my wife started using this as a facial moisturizer. She loves using it as a base for her all natural 100% Pure sunscreen lotion. Great product but I wish it had the prime free shipping option.

by David L Brinkley >> See more reviews

Fantastic Almond Oil!

I love this almond oil! This product moisturizes well and not oily at all. Helps with my daughters eczema. Will buy again!

by Denise S. Flynn >> See more reviews


This is a nice product. Only wish it was offered with Prime Free Shipping. I'm using it for homemade body scrubs and other essential oils usages.

by Ben Weston >> See more reviews

great price for a quality product!

Love it! I make massage blend with lavender essential oil for my baby and he really enjoys being massaged with it at night after bath. It's odorless and glides well without being overly greasy. Took care of his eczema in no time!

Not sure if it works with getting rid of dark circles

I bought this mainly to use for my under eye dark circles. I applied it around my eyes every night before I go to bed and have been using it for a couple of months. I haven't really notice much of a difference. :\ Well, I didn't get a lot of sleep during the school days (usually around 4-6 hours). I've read many articles where sweet almond oil are suppose to help on getting rid of dark circles. Now that it's the summer and I get my full sleep, I will try using it again to see if it works. I am guessing it's more effective if you get your full sleep everyday. Also, it's a really big bottle too and I've use the oil as far as to the top of the sticker line. The pros I can say right now are that it makes my skin soft and glow in the morning. It doesn't has much of a scent and my skin never broke out. I think I'll try to make a scrub out of it to use up the bottle more quickly.

by Brenda Byrne >> See more reviews

I thought the oil would have a sweet smell to it

I thought the oil would have a sweet smell to it, hence the name. Otherwise I like the product and I would recommend it to a friend.

horrible smell

Not sure if this is almond oil. It really stink not pure or organic oil. I know how almond oil taste and smell like. I need to take it the lab and test it.

Would buy again

It has no scent. I was surprised at how light this oil is and how easily it was absorbed. I'll be back for more.