Shampoo & Conditioner. Healthy, lustrous hair needs gentle shampoos and moisturizing conditioners that will cleanse without stripping and hydrate without adding excess weight. Formulated with organic botanicals and essential oils, each biodegradable shampoo and conditioner duo effectively addresses specific hair needs. Avalon Organics. Inspired by the endless solutions that the Earth provides, we have been crafting exceptionally pure and effective health and beauty care products for women committed to living a natural and organic lifestyle since 1994. We go direct to the source to harvest every herb's attribute and each essential oil's benefit for the body, skin and hair, capturing each ingredient's pure, organic essence. To demonstrate our commitment to organic ingredients, every product we make has a seal indicating that it is certified to either the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients or the USDA National Organic Program. In addition to certifying the organic content, these seals also verify that our products contain no GMOs, parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colors, artificial fragrances or harmful sulfates. And of course our products are made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and are never tested on animals at any level. We feel privileged to provide you with pure beauty solutions sourced straight from the Earth.
Manufacturer: Avalon
Size: 32 Ounce
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Be advised, Avalon Organics has changed their formula

I have used Avalon Organics shampoos and conditioners in the past year, LOVED them, but stopped because I find them a bit pricey. I recently purchased the same 2 shampoos and 2 conditioners I've used in the past and they are HORRIBLE!!! After just one use, my hair is so dry and brittle and I have long, very healthy hair. I can not even run a comb through my hair with the conditioner in. I am so disappointed in these products and with the company. I called Avalon Organics directly and asked if they changed their ingredients and was told that yes, they have changed the formulas in their shampoos and conditioners. This was not advertised on the bottles. I was offered coupons but no refund. I no longer would recommend purchasing Avalon Organics products.

Very drying, and left me with an itchy scalp

I recently replaced all of my personal care items with organic versions, and tried this shampoo for my long hair. I do not recommend. It is very drying, and the essential oils in the shampoo left my scalp terribly itchy. Within a couple of days of ceasing use of the product, my scalp returned to normal. Acure Organics are much more moisturizing.

Something changed about this shampoo

Something changed about this shampoo, it used to be a better, thicker white substance, now it's thin & opaque. I prefer the previous recipe, and don't plan on continuing to use the new one.

by J. Muench >> See more reviews

Used it & loved it until they added Hydrolized Wheat Protein to it :(

The scent is absolutely wonderful. I have baby fine hair and it IS a little difficult to lather up into big suds like other shampoos, but it still cleaned well and made my hair nice and soft. I also used the matching Avalon Lavender Conditioner with good success. Problem is... when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, I made HUGE changes to my diet and lifestyle--more organic, nothing with wheat/gluten, less processed & more natural/raw. This shampoo and conditioner was my treat for this total life make-over I had to do. So the other day when I replaced my shampoo, I noticed a different label on the bottle. I double-checked the ingredients and it now contains hydrolyzed wheat protein when it did not before. So *NOT* that I expect to ingest my shampoo, but it is more worrying to me about getting ANY suds in my eyes, nose, or mouth. It is a risk I am not willing to take. I sent a note via their website asking why they changed the ingredients adding wheat, and that I cannot use it now, and this is the response from Sarah, Consumer Relations Representative at The Hain Celestial Group: "In our efforts to make our products the best they can be, there have been reformulations to some of them. Our consumers help us determine which variations they prefer. We are sorry to hear that you can no longer use this product and we appreciate your feedback." Sooooooo, masses of people requested hydrolyzed wheat protein be added to their shampoo??? I'm a consumer and I prefer they NOT use wheat in their products. New label photos are included in case anyone else has this concern and prefers not to risk their health with this new "variation".

by Been There Done That >> See more reviews

Formula changed again.

These comments are about the lavender shampoo. I have another older bottle, more than a half full, in another bathroom. I used it to compare the labels. The wheat protein is out. Some of the other ingredients have moved up or down in the ingredient's list (meaning more or less of that ingredient is used in each bottle). In the description, it no longer says "CONTAINS 70% ORGANIC CONTENT..". This has changed to "CONTAINS ORGANIC...". The second line now also begins with "NO GMO'S" which isn't stated on the older bottle. The only reason I decided to compare labels is because I noticed the shampoo in the new bottle I had bought was less viscous (more watery in consistency) and the lavender scent was... different. The intensity is still there, it just smells a little off. The other reason I checked is because my hair is frizzy after using this new batch. I could go 1-2 days without using the conditioner, but now I have to use it every time I shampoo or my half my hair looks likes my head is too close to a balloon. I know you can't please everyone (I read in a much earlier review (2012?) someone was complaining the formula had changed -they'd added wheat protein-), but I wish they had stayed with the 'old' formula.

by onlineshopper >> See more reviews

do not recommend product

i was really excited when i came across the organic haircare line since i am trying to use personal care products without parabens and other harmful chemicals, but i have been very disappointed with the effectiveness of the products. my hair has always been very thick, shiny and healthy and after a few months of using the lavendar shampoo and conditioner my scalp was dry and itchy and my ends became dry and brittle. at first i didn't attribute it to the shampoo but after going on vacation and using a different product for about a week i noticed a significant improvement- my hair looked much healthier. i have now switched or another organic shampoo (australian organics) and am much happier with the results. also, upon my initial recommendation my friend also bought the lavendar shampoo and had a similar experience- dry, brittle texture, so i know it wasn't just me.....

by Kerri Ann >> See more reviews

Pricey but Worth It

I had previously been using Jason's Tea Tree Shampoo, but it just wasn't doing the job. I needed a shampoo that would not leave residue, but at the same time keep my scalp from being dry and itchy. This is one of my "Subscribe and Save" items, so I get 15% when I have 5 items per month. That helps bring the cost down. It smells pretty strongly of tea tree, which I don't really mind but I see how it could turn some people off. The smell doesn't stay in your hair at all after you rinse, so no worries.

by Christopher Dowell >> See more reviews


This product smells great & cleans all of your hair while doing no damage to you, your ph balance, or the environment after it goes down teh drain! It's made by all natural products too thus it works great! I use only this until I find something better (which after 5 yrs has yet to happen)! I recommend this to anyone!

by Kristin K. >> See more reviews

Great shampoo for itchy scalp

I love this shampoo, makes my sensitive scalp feel great, leaves my hair nice and shiny. I never get at all "flaky" when I'm using this product. I've used it for 3 years or so, then recently had to switch brands when my grocery store discontinued it, the other "organics" brand tea tree shampoo totally made my scalp itch again. I will continue using this either finding it somewhere else locally, or via amazon.

by cellsandmice >> See more reviews

Horrible shampoo

Really wanted to love it but just like the other reviewers it made my hair dry, thin, brittle, matted, flat and incredibly dull. These effects weren't just mild - they were shockingly noticeable even after one use. If you use any other hair product like hairspray or gel this shampoo will not be able to wash it off. My hair also becomes greasy within a day of shampooing. The shampoo has a very runny and watery consistency - you have to use a lot to get enough lather. I have tried all the other Avalon varieties and the tea tree is mildly better but not even close the even the cheapest non-organic shampoo. What a waste of money. Someone told me it takes a while for the hair to get used to the organic shampoos - my hair looks absolutely the same one year after using the shampoo as it did after the first use. On the flip side Avalon's lotions are amazing.