Biotin B-Complex Conditioner
Color: default
Manufacturer: Avalon Organics
Size: 32 FZ


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... impressed because it didn't feed my senses with a great smell or the silkening effect that most conditioners do

I've been using this conditions for a few months now and at first I wasn't that impressed because it didn't feed my senses with a great smell or the silkening effect that most conditioners do. So I didn't always used it when I shampooed my hair (I'm using the Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo). Eventually I started to use it every time with the shampoo, and to be honest I've have noticed changes that have improved my hair's texture and has decreased hair loss. My hair is stronger and fuller now. I have to believe it's because of what I"m using. Anyway, I realized that those smell good silky softening conditioners made my hair too limp. This doesn't, I can fix my hair and it's got body, shine, and now more strength to handle all the abuse I put it through blowdrying and flat ironing it on a daily bases.. I'm gonna keep buy this product and if you have weak thinning hair as I do, you should give it a try.

Absolutely love this conditiner

I absolutely love this conditiner, I've been using both the shampoo and conditioner for years, I usually purchase it from my local health food store, but I found a larger size on Amazon, it really thickens my hair with less breakage.

Love It!!!

I was using this product before, and now it came out in bigger size. Love it! Makes my hair looks fuller, and it grows faster (for those who have hair lose problem, will work great).

love this conditioner. great for fine and damaged hair

pros : generous size 32 oz 907g -bottle is made with 100 percent recycled material and can be recycled again once you are done -contains organic ingredients -no gmos, no synthetic fragrances, no phthalates, no sls , no parabens,no silicone NO PHENOXYTHANOL -very nourishing hair felt a lot softer after using this conditioner -contains biotin which help with hair growth and thickness. i have very fine hair , this conditioner helps me get a bit more volume and less breakage -works on colored hair and natural . great for straight and curly hair -pleasant scent -easy to apply on your hair ( formula is transparent ) -not tested on animals -ingredients are 100 percent vegetarian cons: -none

by Benjamin Jones >> See more reviews

Be Wary of Third Party Sellers Who Water Down Product

Bought from a Third Party Seller and it was unsealed and been mixed with water. Be wary of third party sellers as this is not the first time this has happened to me. If its not properly sealed at the pump then it has probably been watered down. I use this product and it usually has a gel consistency and is not runny.

I do love the shampoo

I bought the Avalon shampoo and conditioner. I do love the shampoo, but I have to agree with others that the conditioner leaves an unpleasant oily film on my hair. I'm sure it's probably good for my hair, but I don't even want to go in public after using this. This works as a nice shaving cream haha.

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For the price (~$12) I thought it was still a good buy but after using my husband's pur ador conditioner ...

I was very diappointed when this item took a couple weeks to arrive with prime (not in stock though the listing never stated that) and the lack of effective customer service from amazon but the product itself is okay. As a shampoo I would only give it 3 stars. It has a very pleasant scent but it does not work up a lather and so requires about 10 pumps to adequately wash my medium long hair. For the price (~$12) I thought it was still a good buy but after using my husband's pur ador conditioner I am not so sure as one pump of that is enough for my hair. After the first wash I thought this conditioner was a little drying (which was fine as my hair is on the oily side) but after a few uses I also noticed some build up that weighed my hair down and made it feel simultaneously oily and dried out. Despite this, the most important thing I was looking for when buying a conditioner was healthy ingredients, which is why I am giving this product 4 stars. I've just been using it on the tips of my hair and pur ador on the rest since I do prefer the smell of avalon organics.

by Cherry268 >> See more reviews

Not as good as the shampoo.

This conditioner leaves my scalp itchy and feeling tight. I'm not sure if I have some sort of reaction/allergy to something in it or not, but I hate the way it makes my head feel. (I also discovered that I get dandruff when I use it...and I do not usually have a problem with dandruff. I stopped using the conditioner and it went away.) However, even without the odd thing that happens to my scalp from this conditioner, I wouldn't have liked it. I find that it feels more like a fast absorbing hand lotion than conditioner to me. It also does not leave my hair feeling anywhere near as soft as other conditioners I have tried. Overall, I don't have much about the product that I like. It does have a pleasant smell and I do like how organic/natural it is, but that's about it. I wanted to like this product...especially since I use Avalon's shampoo, but so far their conditioner does not impress me.

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Expected more softness from this product

My hair seems softer and shinier when I use the shampoo alone. Product dispensing lid arrived damaged so it is terribly boring having to unscrew the lid every time I wanted to use. I am not using it anymore because I see no positive effects by using this conditioner. I also made a mistake by ordering the conditioner, I was meant to order a shampoo and ordered this by mistake. The person who recommended the shampoo told me not to boy the conditioner because it was not good, now that I tried it I understand why she said that.

I tried it, but its not for me.

I am already through using this product. I did not see much help with hair growth with this conditioner nor did I like how it felt in my hair. You can put so much of this in your hair, but then it seems as though you put none on--just too hard to massage it into long hair. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't give your hair the silky softness as other conditioners do. Also no problems with shipping.