Biotin B-Complex Shampoo
Manufacturer: Avalon Organics
Size: 32 oz


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by argon_man >> See more reviews

Really like this stuff!

I have been searching for a quality shampoo that isn't loaded with chemicals and I believe I've found it. Over 70% organic ingredients with no sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ether or propylene glycol which are all known poisons. Leaves my hair fuller and manageable without heavy perfume odors. Nice!

Gives my hair more volume

I could tell almost immediately the very first time I used this shampoo that it was benefitting my hair. It made my hair feel more coarse and thicker/fuller in my fingers as I massaged the lather into my hair. I liked it so much, I got a bottle for my Mom and she loves it too. The smell is good and the lather is good. It doesn't take much to work up a good lather and thoroughly clean your hair. I got some for my Mom so I would certainly recommend it to my friends!

by Husky1986 >> See more reviews

Love this shampoo

this shampoo is awesome. smells like sprite and leaves your hair clean without all the SLS. Its the only shampoo i use now.

by Sara Firkser >> See more reviews


It's a big and inexpensive bottle of okay shampoo that totally strips the red out of my hair. It's not color-safe, so I don't feel misled, but that's a con to the product for sure.

Five Stars

Great product, use it for couple years and wouldn't change it for other one.

Five Stars

Staying away from all of the excessive chemicals and it works well.

Less hair shedding

I have noticed less hair shedding while using this product in the shower. It cleans very nicely. It won't give you more hair, please understand. But, for me, it did what the label says.

by H. Narvaez >> See more reviews

volume cranked to 11

Been using Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Shampoo for a little while now about a couple of years but still didn't think I would miss it if I ran out one day and bought something else. Well I did I run out of my usual order since I get in through the mail and I thought about for the ease of things and to go with a new drugstore shampoo so I tried something else I will not name the brand starts with P ends with E but it was a major difference in volume and texture and I need all the volume I can get at this juncture. This shampoo is dry, cleans real good but makes your hair so thick and voluminous. I had! to get it back and found out they have this in this 32 ounce? you don't say and I bought two which should last me some. Fast shipping great price I would recommend this shampoo it has no bad smells or anything and leaves your hair again pretty clean plus bitoin b complex is good for your scalp but the volume oh the volume mon ami is where it shines.... ok cheers.

smells good and helps with my hair loss

I bought the smaller bottle and I ordered this 32 oz bottle before I finished my fist bottle. I love that its organic. I noticed hair growth after using this shampoo and my hair FINALLY stopped falling out. I had tried numerous products for hair loss but this was the first organic shampoo I ever tried and fell in love with its benefits and the way it smells too. Well worth the price, and a little goes a long way. there's less lather than other shampoos but my hair is growing back and so i'm HAPPY.

by VANESSA FERNANDEZ >> See more reviews

I absolutely love this shampoo

I absolutely love this shampoo! my hair feels thicker and doesn't shed as much. I had twins 7 months ago and my hair started falling out in chunks. Nothing was stopping the shedding until I started using this shampoo. From the first day I used it I immediately felt a difference. I highly recommend to anyone that has thin hair or excessive shedding. The only thing I don't like is that it takes a lot of shampoo to feel a good foam. Overall, it's a great product.