OPI Minnie Mouse Collection 'Nothin Mousie'bout It M13
Feature: OPI Minnie Mouse Collection 'Nothin Mousie'bout It M13
Manufacturer: genius.nn


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Super cute, but extremely difficult to apply

When I saw this 'Nothing Mousie 'bout It, I got very excited and couldn't wait to try them on. Also, I wanted to mix them up with other colors (like maybe with mint green, or something of the sort). Despite having watched the video on how to best apply this product online (by OPI [...] -put the bottle upside down, then tilt it to the side, then get the chunky heart(s) out slowly), it's still very hard to apply on evenly while making sure that the hearts get on. Also, to combine this color with anything other than pink or red families of colors is out of the question. It just does not look right. The pink glitter is shear when worn alone, but not shear enough to not interfere with the colors you may want to combine with. Overall, I think it's fun to wear alone or in combination of pink or red color. If you're like me (NOT a professional manicurist), be patient when applying this on.


Very cute. The hearts are difficult to get out but I found if you turn the bottle upside down and store it that way, then the hearts sink to the top. When you then are ready to use it and brush it on, you'll get more hearts. That technique works for all these chunky large glitters.


This polish is so cute! The mix of the little hearts and the pink glitter are so girly and look great over so many colors! I was worried that the little hearts might come off easily but I haven't had one come off yet! This is definitely one of my favorites!

by P. Hustead >> See more reviews

You have to wear a solid color underneath

I tried putting a coat on but I could just not see it so I decided that you definitely needed to put a coat underneath in order to see the sparkling of this lacquer. It will not happen without it. You do have to shake the bottle and keep it tilted so you can get the hearts/ears (your call) out of it at all. It is time consuming putting on all of those coats and waiting for them to properly dry. I will not be using it too often.


I am an avid Disney fan, so I was really excited when I saw that OPI was coming out with this collection. I had other polishes similar to the other ones in this collection, but this one stood out to me. I had to have it so I ordered it and anxiously waited for it's arrival so I could use it. It really wasn't what I expected. The pinks in it are a bit more neon than I expected it to be. The heart confetti is incredibly hard to deal with. You either end up with 10 hearts on one nail or no hearts unless you spend a good few minutes on each nail carefully placing the confetti where you like it. Don't get me wrong, I do like this polish and I do use it every now and then. It just wasn't what I was expecting when I ordered it.

So cute !

This nailpolish contains tones of small sparkles which will make any pink nailpolish looks cuter !!! But it goes particularly well with the "If You Moust You Moust" by OPI in the same Minnie collection. The heart shapped sparkles are less frequent but I think it looks better when you just have one heart on 2 or 3 nails of one hand. Several hearts on each finger would definitly looks "too much". Don't hesitate and buy it, it's sooo original and cute !!! <3

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5 thumbs down

This polish looks great in the bottle. This is one of OPI's Flops. This is a clearish pink with glitter heart pieces. You will NOT get the glitter in every stroke applied more of playing fish. I HATE THIS POLISH and wish I'd never bought it. The seller delivered beyond scheduled time. Bottle was in tact. Color is just Horrible!!!!


This is a cute polish. You need a coat of something underneath as it is a bit sheer and I would use as a topper. I only gave it 3 stars due to the fact of all the hearts sitting at the bottom of the bottle no matter how much I shook it. You have to be patient trying to get those little guys out!


Good product. Fast delivery. Hearts are easy to get out if you tip the bottle upside down for 30 seconds before applying. I only like to put one or 2 hearts on each hand to keep it simple, so having to maybe "scoop" one out from the pot isn't much of a problem.

by Lauren-Marie Michetti >> See more reviews

Very disappointing

I was so excited about this polish and it was a major let down. It's so light, you can barely see it. It needs a ton of coats. And even still, hardly any of the glitter hearts come out. You're lucky if you get one heart on a nail. I wouldn't recommend it.