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Skin Food Black Sugar Scrub Foam contains Brazilian black sugar grains, which are rich in various vitamins and minerals, to smoothly cleanse off dead skin cells. It cleanses and leaves skin moist after washing. how to use it Wet palms. Squeeze an appropriate amount to palm and lather it sufficiently. Gently massage over face. Rinse with water. country of origin Korea
Color: tube
Manufacturer: SKIN FOOD
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on 30/9/17
I buy scrub's & shea butter To last & my daughter for at least 2 months , We have been useing it for at least 3 years now, & we buy all different soap' butter' scrub's , hair oil's. , oil. you name it we love & live shea buy shea butter . my husband use the muscle relaxer & some oil's . & butter.how ever two week ago we were in Jersey. & stop by the store at the Fleamarket . and went crazy .. I brought coco mango for the first time and went ballistic . I tried to lick the container out. for those of you who know lemongrass I am at lemongrass Lady. .at night my husband like a lavender . on me . lady s . men buy stock up wenter comming love yourself ????????????

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Gentle enough for daily use, baby soft skin

Initially I was hesitant to buy a 'Korean' product because over-sea regulation of what is safe to put in body products is handled differently than the United States. But with some searching I was able to come up with a list of ingredients in the Black Sugar Scrub and everything looked kosher. I wanted a daily use scrub, something gentle but cleansing that wouldn't dry out my skin, or irritate it. I have sensitive, combination skin with large pores, and because it is so terribly pale any sort of irritation redness or dryness is immediately visible. Any scrub-like product needed to exfoliate without sandpapering my skin, and this product really interested me because it also foams, it has a very fine consistency, and yes -- it smells good, and I'm obsessed with products that smell good! So maybe you thought this too -- but I was surprised that my black sugar scrub wasn't black! Instead its a soft honey color, and comes out nicely thick. A little goes a long way, and the grain is very fine with a warm sugar/citrus sort of scent. After washing my face, I pat it almost dry, then squeeze out a little less than a dime size amount of product, and using the edges of fingertips I rub it into my skin. I don't press down, simple use circular motions all over my face, avoiding my eye area (the only time I got it near my eyes, it wasn't pleasant and I am always careful now). Once I have spread the scrub evenly over my face and chin and even my neck, I splash a small amount of water on my face and rub all over, activating the foaming action. At this point you can really sense the sugar element of the scrub, because the scent is so warm, and the foam is silky and indulgent on the skin. At this point rinse with warm water, and follow up with whatever your moisturizing routine may be. You'll not need any kind of toner after using this scrub, because your skin is clean, exfoliated, toned and so, so soft! I am pretty darn use I'll purchase this product again. I use this scrub around three to five times in about a ten day period, and it always makes me feel so good. You can even use it as a lip scrub, it is that gentle! I'm excited to use other Skinfood products as well, and the Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Foam was a great introduction! -JR-

Awesome product

Initially when I first used this product, I thought that it was going to dry the heck out of my skin but it was actually mildly moisturizing! The black sugar dissolves rather quickly so you don't want to add too much water but you will need water to get it to lather. I personally can't rave enough about the scent because to me it's the best thing I smell in the morning. It's like a sweet. slightly floral with a big zesty smell of lemon...but not in a disinfectant kinda way...rather a sweetened hand cream kinda lemon. It also seems to clear up my acne-scarred skin very well and eliminates my extra step of using an exfoliant in the mornings. I'm in love!!!

by jeannie choi >> See more reviews

clean face!

If you are looking for a product to clean your face after a long day. This is it! It is foamy and cleans the make-up and dirts and oil on the face. I only use it 2 or 3 times a week though. I do not want to over dry my skin.

more like brown sugar scrub, but its still fabulous.

I originally purchased this in Seoul, where I spent days looking for a Skin Food store just so I could buy & try this product that I had read tons of reviews where people raved about it. A number of them were either closed or no where near where I was located, but eventually I found a Skin Food! I purchased this and fell in love with it right away. The sweet smell is just heavenly and makes using this sugar scrub incredibly enjoyable. You almost want to eat it because it smells so delicious. Don't do that though. Anyways, contrary to the name, this scrub is not black but more the colour of brown sugar. It works incredibly well to help exfoliate your skin, in addition to cleansing and making your face feel refreshed! I use this whenever my skin feels particularly dull, though I try to use it a couple times spread out during the week in the mornings for a wake up boost and to exfoliate all the last nights crap off of my face. Sure makes you feel refreshed! I recommend this solely because it smells so good. Secondly because it actually works incredibly well.

That creates a foam lather that you can continue to massage into your face if you'd like. The importance of this is that it make

This is remarkable: when you put the scrub on your fingers and then put on your face while massaging, the sugar scrubs for 15 or so seconds before slowly dissolving. That creates a foam lather that you can continue to massage into your face if you'd like. The importance of this is that it makes it MUCH easier to wash off when you're done. No little beads getting stuck on your nose or in your washcloth. From an effectiveness standpoint, it's probably a little too strong for everyday use for me. I have dry/combination skin that's sometimes sensitive, and it leaves me looking a little red if I use it several days in a row. But it does a great job as a weekly or twice weekly scrub. I need something else, very gentle, in between. If you have oily skin or non-sensitive skin, you might be able to do every day. Regardless, it's still a really great product.

Terrific Product!!

Wonderful results...just as expected. A great skin cleanser and not at all irritating to sensitive skin --- I would recommend this to anyone wanting a good product at a reasonable cost. Shipping was also reasonable and much faster than I had expected it to be.

I love the smell of this

I love the smell of this! the sugar melts quickly so it needs to be used quickly as you put it on your hands and massage into your face. This gives my skin such a clean feeling after it is rinsed off.

by Shari's Peculiar Fascination >> See more reviews

Delightful "Food"

This stuff feels so good on my face, I forget it's a cleanser, although it does clean thoroughly without drying my skin. I like a scrub, but I've found some some actually tear the delicate skin-surface. The Black Sugar does the same job exfoliating, and doesn't leave you feeling scratched. I'm in my 50's, with skin that tends toward oily, and this product seems to work well with both issues!

This scrub was one of the better physical scrubs I've used

This scrub was one of the better physical scrubs I've used. I liked how the sugar dissolves so the abrasive effect goes away. It also cleaned my skin well. However, I discovered that my skin was breaking out because it was reacting to how harshly I was treating my face with my cleansers and scrubs, so I decided to use this scrub on my body instead of my face after awhile. The smell is clean and I did not find it to be offensive, as I do with a lot of cleansing products. Also, this isn't a big deal, but I found the packaging to leave me wanting for more. I know that this brand is popular in Korea, and this particular product worked pretty well for me, but the packaging looks cheap. Overall, I'd still recommend this scrub.

unclog your pores and cleanses afterwards. Been using it ...

unclog your pores and cleanses afterwards. Been using it for a year now and my jawline acne is almost none-existent. Used to buy it from the actual store in NYC but its cheaper on Amazon. Just make sure to sleep right, eat right, and exercise right. No skin products will replace these 3 essentials to a healthy lifestyle.