Experience a blissful massage with this enriched, oil-infused formula with stimulating ingredients that help soothe skin and deliver nourishing minerals, resulting in deep relaxation. Its 5-in-1 formula preps skin for further detox treatments and can be used for body massage, a facial massage, as a bath oil soak, as a purifying facial steam bath, and for aromatherapy and air purification. 6 fl. oz. (6 fl. oz.)
Manufacturer: Arbonne International
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This is a good quality massage oil

This is a good quality massage oil, but I think it is overpriced. I have used many different kind of massage oils for years, and have found that I can buy instead a bottle of jojoba or grapeseed oil and then add my own essential oils to it at a more affordable price. You only need a couple drops of each essential oil so they can last several weeks or months depending on how often you use the massage oil. You can get base oils like jojoba for less than $10 and essential oils for between $5-20. Aura Cacia is a good and affordable brand for essential oils, as is the Wyndmere brand used in Massage Envy day spas.