Led/uv gels - builder clear 2oz.
Color: Clear
Manufacturer: IBD
Size: 2 Ounce


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by Kristi Rauscher >> See more reviews

Love the clear!

I use this product all the time on my clients... I love the LED/UV version! I use the LED light and it works great! The clear is my preference... the pink ones I've tried are very thick and just don't seem to work as well. Investing in the LED light and the LED ibd was a very wise choice, it saves me time and money!

Five Stars

Works great, be pateint when using it.

by Arachne646 >> See more reviews

LED curable builder gel--great formula at a great value!

I have no criticisms of this builder gel. It's a medium-thick to thick, self leveling gel which cured in my Red Carpet Manicure LED lamp in 45 sec with no problems. It's good value compared to the Gelish LED hard gels, so I hope IBD offers their whole range in the LED curable formula, since it certainly saves significant time over a full set. I'm glad I bought the full 2oz size.

by Ruthie Ann >> See more reviews

Durable, Cureable

This is also a great product. Very durable, need uv light to cure. Highly recommended. This vendor has fabulous products for your nails. IBD is the only one I use as it is safe with no issues. Thank you

Love it! ibd is the best stuff

Love it! ibd is the best stuff . it gets a bit hot but its to be expected. Led light cures it perfectly, saves me so Much time as compared to the UV curing process

by Sharma Adams >> See more reviews

This hell self levels and is easy to use with the nail forms

This hell self levels and is easy to use with the nail forms. Highly recommended! Oh! And I use an LED light without any issues!

by TAKANO IWAKAWA >> See more reviews

I purchased four of the gel, but arrived to ...

I purchased four of the gel, but arrived to is the three. Please refund the one piece that did not reach.

Better than Harmony (Gelish) and cheaper

I have replaced Harmony (Gelish) Builder Gel with the IBD product and am much happier with the results I get. I don't even reach for my Harmony brand any more and am about to toss it. The IBD levels better and sticks better. It does get superheated at one point in the curing time and every once in awhile it's almost more than I can stand, but I think it's where I'm putting it a little heavier on the ends. Get yourself the Pro Bond and the curable Bonder for the best results. If you use LED make sure you get the right one.

by Gina Burdick >> See more reviews

I love this gel

I love this gel! The consistency is perfect, cures in half the time and leave a super shiny finish!

by Chanell Reed >> See more reviews


I didn't receive the uv/led but got the old uv gel. Disappointed!