Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Body Double Mist 8.4 Fl Oz/ 250 Ml (Full Size). It has Two Layers of skin conditioners and fragrance mix.
Manufacturer: Victoria's Secret


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Love it!

I went to Victorias Secret and found out they discontinued my favorite scent "Plum Drop", so i immediately went online and searched for it. I found it here at what I thought to be a reasonable price. I ordered two on Thursday and they arrived in the mail on Monday. They were brand new and had never been sprayed. They came as described and were in excellent condition. Also this one caught my eye because it had free shipping. Other products had a lower price but high shipping that resulted in a overall higher price. So with fast free shipping this product gets 5 stars.

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I ordered and was expecting Juiced Berry Beauty Rush Double Mist, the original one with the oil, but I got the one without the oil. I paid $22 bucks PLUS shipping for ONE bottle and I ordered two, thinking it would be what I wanted. But it wasn't. I love this spray but very disappointed.

Amazing product! Love it!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Very Very happy with this product! Packaging was hot pink and girly and so cute!!! I ordered the candy baby which is my favorite and I am very satisfied with my purchase! Will definitely purchase again!!!!<3

Love it!

Great smell and feel! This has to be my top favorite out most of the victoria's secret body mists it feels as well as smells really good some what like gummy bears.

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Best Smell Ever

I was recommended this from my friend and I am so glad I got it. It is now like my signature scent and I get complements on how I smell constantly.


Smells absolutely wonderful, I love it! Friends always want to use it instead of buy their own so looks like I'll be ordering more!

Four Stars

Love this fragrance just wish it was dicontinued so the price wouldmt keep going up

way too much @$24

I love Candy Baby, but $24 a bottle is twice the original price. I was really disappointed when VS discontinued its Beauty Rush line, but not enough to pay a price gouger $3 an ounce. In addition, I can tell by the old design on the bottle that the inventory is at least three years out-of-date.