Hey Jealousy. You're the talk of the town and you embrace it, naturally of course. Time to get that dark color people will gossip about for days. Display your confidence with this enhanced DHA bronzer that's bound to boost your beauty reputation. You're known for your eco-chic style, now get the glow to match.
Manufacturer: Swedish Beauty
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by Dana Pryor >> See more reviews

I tried this in a trial pack at my salon ...

I tried this in a trial pack at my salon before purchasing. It's definitely the same product as my trial pack. BUT 4 TIMES less expensive! It doesn't have that tanning bed smell after using it. I can see a difference in my color after each session.

by Amanda Rose >> See more reviews

Much cheaper than the salon!

Tried this in a sample packet at the tanning salon. Loved the lotion. Hated the price. Luckily, like a couple other lotions I purchased in the past, Amazon had it for a fraction of the cost. Definitely can't complain!

Love Swedish Beauty!

Love Swedish Beauty and love this product. Used in the tanning bed and works great! Don't kid yourself though - even though the scent is pleasant, you will still have the tanning bed smell after you use it...

by Southern Boy >> See more reviews

Great buy

Much better value than buying at the salon. It keeps my skin very soft and silky.

Good but not great

I try to live a cleaner lifestyle so when I look for products, I look at the ingredients for those with the least amount of toxins as possible. As far as indoor tanning lotions go, this is one of the lesser toxic. I have tried many Swedish Beauty lotions in the bontanica line and while this isn't my favorite, it does a good job at keeping you moisturized. I didn't feel that this lotion had the bronzing power as others in this line, but it does smell hood and doesn't leave an after tan smell. I will finish using the bottle but probably won't purchase again

by Elizabeth Kaiser >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Love this lotion! Other lotions irritate my skin but this one dosn't!

Great lotion

I really like that I can get this lotion for 1/3 of the price they try and charge you at the salons. Absorbs good and isn't sticky, very pleased.

Wonderful Tanning Lotion!

I got the greatest tan using this stuff! I like it even better than JWoww's bronzer. BUY IT! :-)

Bought again.

The color is as expected. It's very light going on, not thick. and does not make me break out.

Three Stars

I don't like the smell of the product. But seems to work well.