Certified vegan formula made for all skin types for full face and body detoxification.
Manufacturer: Arbonne


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I tried it once and was hooked. I use it once a week and I will never go with out it.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Face detoxing is the best

Detoxifying my face once a month has done wonders for my face and neck. My skin feels and looks so clean after wiping the mask off. I have been using this product for about a year now, and it is well worth it. One 8 oz bottle has lasted me to this day, I don't need much for it is somewhat creamy/muddy if you will. I love Arbonne and their Seasource products are wonderful.

by Keyla Walker >> See more reviews

Amazing mud mask!

This is great for drawing out toxins on stings & bites. Works for fever blisters too. Just don't swallow it. I also think it would work for brown recluse bites - just like activated charcoal or the bentonite clay.

by Heidi L. Volkmar >> See more reviews

Excellent mud mask

This product is magic !! My skin feels amazing after I use it and only need to use it once a week !! It just feels amazing on your skin and is a high quality product !!

by sunchasernFL >> See more reviews

Good Stuff

This mask tingles when it's first put on but it works. I've used this mask before so I knew it done a great job. It costs a little more than the rest, but a tube will last a long time. I even bought my sister a tube. I used to use Mudd put out by Freeman, but they changed their mask and the new formula doesn't work well at all. That's too bad because it was cheap and it worked like a charm. Now, I use this mask because it seems to be one of a few that actually works.

Five Stars

Just as expected

The glow

I had spots and bumps I have tried everything but this and the glytone cream and the skin lightening cream I have clear skin even tone radiant and glowing I love it.

by Cake Lady >> See more reviews

Beware if you have sensitive skin!!

Burned my skin after 5 minutes!!!! It says to leave on for 15-20 minutes too! My skin has been peeling now after using it and it stings every time I wash my face or pay lotion and I use cetaphil.

by SouthernSinger >> See more reviews

Love this mask

Love this mask! It's smooth and creamy and feels great on your face. I use it about every two weeks.