Looking for effortless, simplistic color? Retreat to your island hideaway as this tyrosine bronzer delights your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and renewed, without a worry in the world. Your tropical vacation is moments away, so take a beauty break and plan your Sweet Escape.
Manufacturer: Swedish Beauty
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by M. Caroline Burry >> See more reviews

Excellent product

I have used Swedish Beauty tanning products for the past 25 yrs and it is the Best. This particular one smells very good, especially after leaving the tanning bed, so nobody smells the tanning sweating if I go to the store right after. I really like the product and will order more. Absolutely, I also advertised it to the tanning salon I currently go and they really liked the scent-smell before and after the tanning session.. Swedish Beauty is my number 1 best Indoor Tanning lotion ever since 1989..

by Lovy M. Salsman >> See more reviews


Smells Great!!! Doesnt have that nasty after tan smell. The smell lasts all day.. Not oily or greasy feeling... leaves skin feeling silky soft

by bankgirl67 >> See more reviews

Smells good

While I agree that the lotion does smell good, I personally did not see any results. I found the lotion hard to rub in, reminded me of the consistency of a sunscreen, where it goes on white and you have to keep rubbing to see it disappear. No after tan smell, but the lotion does sloth off when you rub your skin after tanning, which I did not care for. Not the best from Swedish Beauty, not the worst lotion I have ever used either. But I tend to use this lotion only when I have to, not my go to lotion

by Melissa Pfeifer >> See more reviews

Highly Recommend

This is a great tanning lotion! Not only does it help in achieving a deep golden tan, it smells amazing before AND after tanning as well!

by Elizabeth >> See more reviews

I like this lotion

I like this lotion, the smell, and can really tell a difference in my tanning when I apply it. This brand is my favorite because it's sensitive skin conscience. Be careful to rub it in all the way or it will leave streaks.

by Southern Boy >> See more reviews

Great Buy

This worked really well with tanning quicker and my skin felt very soft afterwards. I dreaded taking a shower afterwards.

by Melissa B. >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Works great. Love the ingredients.

by KATHY ACHO >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Best tanning lotion!

Five Stars

love it, great deal

Five Stars

Love this product!