Soothes and softens as it leaves hands pleasantly scented with Arbonne's Shea Butter fragrance.
Manufacturer: SETAF


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by marygoldon >> See more reviews

Addicted to this Lotion!

I am on my 4th bottle and I looove it! I keep a bottle next to my computer and use it a few times a day there (on hands, neck, arms and elbows!), and I keep a bottle next to my bed for the same (and my feet!). Nothing smells or feels better than this product; it makes me happy! I am a product "hound" and this is my fave product.... other than Juicy Couture powder on the soft pink fluff! I wish I could buy everything in the Arbonne collection... there is nothing better but it's expensive. But this is my guilty pleasure and until they quit making it, I'll be using it!

by Elizabeth A. Heston >> See more reviews

love it!

This is my favorite lotion! I have VERY sensitive skin and this lotion keeps my skin very happy! It's not sticky, smelly, and absorbs very well. I am in the sun ALOT and burn fairly easily even with sun screen. My skin heals quickly and feels so much better when I use this lotion! I don't like the soap that goes with this set, too drying, so I buy the lotion separately.

fantastic body lotion

Arbonne products make you feel good on your skin and inside because of their high standards of safe environmentally friendly ingredients. This lotion makes your skin feel soft, not greasy. The scent is subtle and soothing. I am hooked on this stuff.

by Janice E Gilbert >> See more reviews

Shea Butter by Arbonne

I love this cream. I have been using it for awhile now and it is the best and I tell everyone about how good it is. I've never found any lotion as good as this one. Thank you

by Laura Jane Maley >> See more reviews

keep one in kitchen and bathroom and bedside!

My sister uses this shea butter lotion and I ordered some as well. The lotion is not too heavy and yet works so well on dry and irritated skin. I love this!

by R. Johnson >> See more reviews


I love this product. If far surpasses anything you can get at the store

Love the lotion but am completely unable to operate the ...

Love the lotion but am completely unable to operate the dispenser. I and a friend have tried EVERYTHING, to no avail. Unfortunately, the luscious lotion is so thick, it is going to be a constant challenge to squeeze the lotion out of the bottle.

But it moisturizes nicely.

This lotion goes on very light and does not overpower as far as scent is concerned. But it moisturizes nicely.

by Heather Hayes >> See more reviews

I love the lotion because I have dry ski and other ...

I love the lotion because I have dry ski and other lotion were either to thick or didn't moisturize enough. The pump on my bottle came broken this time so it more work to get the lotion out. It is a little pricey but does a great job. I also use arbonne 's RE advance face cleaning set.

by Ronald Keuler >> See more reviews

Great Product

My wife primarily uses this product and loves it, but I also have used the Shea Butter Hand lotion. It's very effective applied to dry skin in this cold dry winter climate. This product is as good as they come for dry skin.