Renew yourself with the wonderful and calming properties of this cooling gel that nourishes, hydrates and moisturizes.
Manufacturer: Arbonne
Size: 12 Ounces


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by RemedyJayne >> See more reviews

Wonderful gooey gel!

I SWEAR by this stuff. Its wonderful for sunburns, it works great for sore muscles too. My Arbonne rep told me to try it and I was amazed! LOVE IT.

Amazing product

I have fair skin and was terribly sunburned during a rafting trip. My skin was peeling badly and it was very painful, so my friend gave me this too try. It literally worked overnight. I woke up and the peeling was tremendously reduced, the pain was minimal, and my skin wasn't as red. I decided to buy myself a jar, it worked so well. I HIGHLY reccomend this no matter what type of skin you have. It's a light gel, feels cool on your skin, and it smells great (always a plus).

Refreshing Way to Relax

A must use after workout and shower. Pleasant fragrance and deep pain relief for joint and muscle soreness with a tingly refreshing feel.

I love it, He hated the price, He wants more

excersing+overweight=Sore body. I love the coolness relief for my sore muscles. My husband was mad how much i spent on it. about a month ago he used it one time for his sore legs, and at first complain how it made him feel cold. he woke up the next morning feeling good and barely sore. Can you believe he havn't stop using it. Now i have to order More. Believe me, he is not going to complain about the price again.

Worth it's weight in gold.... if ...

Worth it's weight in gold.... if you suffer hot flashes, muscle soreness or skin lesions. I will never be without it.

by pagoda princess >> See more reviews

I use it on my face

This product was given to me as a gift. I started using it on my face in the morning after my shower, it seems to tighten my pores and give a very refresing feeling to my face and a glow, which lasts all morning. I will never be withoutr it again.

by monica freiert >> See more reviews

Finally Free

I purchased this from a spa party I went to a couple weeks ago. I love it. The rep told that it would help with my headaches. I have intense headaches and migraines due to high stress and minimum exercise during the day. This stuff manages to subdue the pain. so thankful I finally found something that helps instead of drowning in Advils and aspirins all day.

by houseofbritton >> See more reviews

Don't Support These People

It's against Arbonne rules and regulations to sell their products via this method. Never ever trust products sold this way! They are more than likely expired and can't be guaranteed that they haven't been tampered with.

by Deona Parker >> See more reviews

Five Stars

This is by far the best stuff I have found to relax my sore muscles! I highly recommend!!

by Tyra Walters >> See more reviews

This stuff is amazing! It is great on my skin and it ...

This stuff is amazing! It is great on my skin and it keeps mosquitos away!!! No joke! My son also cleared up his psoriasis with this. It was the ONLY natural thing that worked COMPLETELY for him. Other natural products worked, but this was the best for him.